Re: Lewis PIGATE - Melba Clark
Subject: Re: Lewis PIGATE
From: Melba Clark
Date: March 16, 2001

What is your connection to MOTT?   I am looking for parents and/or siblings
of William H Mott, born 1817-18 SC, died in Montgomery, AL after 1870
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Date: Friday, March 16, 2001 8:00 PM
Subject: Lewis PIGATE

Posted on:  Sumter County, South Carolina Queries
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>Surname: Pigott, Pigate, Mott
>I am looking for the death record of Lewis Pigate/Pigott who was listed
>in the 1870 census of Sumter County, South Carolina. I need to identify
>the parents of Lewis and hope that the death record might show his parents.
>Bill Pigott
>([email protected])

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