Re: Levine/Leviner - Ken Robinson
Subject: Re: Levine/Leviner
From: Ken Robinson
Date: August 01, 2000

I have no idea about the family in the area - but the name, Levi, one of the
12 tribes of Israel, WAS the tribe designated for priestly duties..  Adding
an "R," I suspect, was added for the same reason the "ine" was added, to
attempt to blend into the general population - and not be separated, and so
become vulnerable to discrimination or possible physical danger.  If memory
serves me correctly  , the fiirst Jewish family immigrated into the colinies
From South America, and were invited by some one in authority - William
The Catholic Church's Inquisition was in full swing during the 1500's -
especially in Spain - where the level of education, medecine, and the
economy declined rapidly, especially in southern Spain.    Having been to
subject to danger in the Christian world for over a thousand years, prudence
would figure in some peoples' future..


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Subject: Levine/Leviner

> I recently heard a story concerning my Leviners.  The story goes... There
> is/was a settlement of Jews between Georgetown and Charleston abt the
> 1800s.  And there was a Levine man who became a Rabbi and added the final
> to his name.  Or maybe it was his children who added the "r", to show that
> their father was a Rabbi.  Can anyone help me with this?  or have any idea
> where I can go to get information about the Levine/Leviner name?  Any help
> will be most appriciated.
> Patsy
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