Levi Gilmore - Sarah Ashley 1880 Abbeville Co., SC - Dennis Smith
Subject: Levi Gilmore - Sarah Ashley 1880 Abbeville Co., SC
From: Dennis Smith
Date: August 27, 1998

Hi everyone,

In researching the Ashleys of Abbeville Co., SC, I have encountered the
following GILMORE reference.  William Ashley was A Rev War Veteran and was
granted a pension.  After his death, his widow applied for a widow's pension
on 4 Sep 1845.  The following relates to her application.


Bounty Land Div }
         Evans  }
        			       Department of the Interior
                                                 Pension Office

                       Washington, D.C.  Oct 2d, 1877

Dear Madam

	Herewith transmitted to your
Address the Bible which was sent to this
Office by Mrs. Agnes Ashley Widow of
William Ashley to be filed in evidence
in her case when she made application
for pension.
	Please acknowledge the receipt of the
Book on the back of this letter and return
it (the letter) to this office in the en-
closed envelope.

Mrs. Sarah Ashley    }                          Very Respectfully
Antreville  P.O.     }
Abbeville  Co        }                          J. A. Bentley
       S.C.          }                          Commissioner



This letter is handwritten on Department of the Interior letterhead paper.

The Pension Office sent a query to the postmaster at Abbeville, SC in order
to obtain the name of a proper person to receive the Bible.

A Sarah J. Ashley appears on the 1880 census of Abbeville Co., SC, Diamond
Hill Township (the area of Antreville) Dwelling # 338 Family # 346. She,
aged  60 and widowed, and her daughter Rebecca Ashley, aged 35 and single,
are  living in the household of Levi Gilmore aged 30.
GILMORE,    Levi      W  M  30                Farmer
            Francis   W  F  32  Wife          Keeping House
            Louisa    W  F  10  Daughter      At School
            John A    W  M   8  Son           At School
            Mary B    W  F   6  Daughter      At School
            Samuel    W  M   3  Son           At Home
            Thomas    W  M   2  Son           At Home
ASHLEY,     Sarah J.  W  F  60  Mother(Widow) At Home
            Rebecca   W  F  35  Daughter (Single)  At Home
*The above and their parents all born in SC.

Sarah Ashley's maiden name, her relationship to William Ashley and her
relationship to Levi Gilmore (if any) are all unknown to me at this time.

Possibly the same Sarah ASHLEY 25, with children; Mileha Ashley (F) 5,
Frances M. Ashley (F) 3, and John T. Ashley (M) 8/12; is living with Aaron
SHAW 24 Farmer, Family # 1306 in the 1850 Abbeville Co., SC census. (The
Mileha on the census transcript that I am using is the right age to be

The Bible was the Family Bible of Daniel and Sophia (Ashley) SMITH.  Sophia
was a daughter of William ASHLEY.  I would assume from that there is some
relationship between Sarah ASHLEY and the Smith Family and probably between
her and Levi GILMORE.

The letter was returned to the Pension Office with a note on the back
stating  that Sarah Ashley had received the Bible "all right".

I would very much appreciate any information related to the parties
involved.  Locating the Bible would be a major miracle but being able to
clear up even one of these relationships would be real progress.


Dennis Smith
[email protected]

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