Letter found in the Bible of James Rosborough Cockrell - Rosemary Kimble
Subject: Letter found in the Bible of James Rosborough Cockrell
From: Rosemary Kimble
Date: July 03, 1998

The following is a transcript of a letter written to James Rosborough
COCKRELL from his cousin Annie telling him of the death of her father, James
COCKRELL, the son of Nathaniel and Rebecca Harrison COCKRELL.   I would like
to find descendants of James COCKRELL (d. May, 1861 married Martha HAYES)
who was a brother to my Burr COCKRELL ,born February 28, 1799 in Fairfield
Co., So. Carolina, and died March 11, 1861 in Lee Co., Misissipppi.  Burr
married MARY JANE ROSBOROUGH September 30, 1824 in Fairfield Co., So.
Carolina, daughter of JAMES ROSBOROUGH and JANE YONGUE.

Rosemary CRAWFORD Kimble

Macon, Mississippi
May 2, 1861

Cousin James,

    It is indeed painful to relate to you, our sad, sad bereavement.  Our
dear and affectionate father, our best and truest friend on earth was taken
From us last Sunday night.  We are left Fatherless and Motherless, Oh! what
a loss, but its their gain, I believe.  It is hard, but God has some good
motive, though we cannot see it.  He was taken so suddenly and died so
quick, was sick only three days, had a violent attack of the flusc, with
very high fever, and Sunday morning after his fever began to subside he
seemed all at once to be perfectly prostrated and was sinking, oh! how heart
rending.  After that he would say nothing, he left us without telling us one
word.  Only tried so hard to talk, only a few words we could understand, yes
no and our names.  He was conscious, I believe, until the last.  William and
Harrison were not at home, gone off to the wars, were on their way to
Virginia.  Mr. Beauchamp went up to Corinth for them, but they had left.  He
then telegraphed to Chattanooga Tenn.  They got home Wednesday night after
was buried Tuesday; what a shock it was to them, so unexpected.  They were
with him that day one week ago, apparently in fine health.  Life is so
uncertain and we might all be ready.  Indeed, home is not home without
him, and there isn't anything that doesn't remind us of him, I can't bear
to see his wheat, he thought so much of it.  Can't you come to see us?  What
a source of pelasrue it would have been to father had you come to seen him,
he was greaving that he did not see uncle Burr, not quite 2 months
difference in their deaths.  Only one brother left, Uncle Moses, he looked
to be in fine health.  Come to see us if you can.   William will stay at
but Harrison is on furlow, will return to his company tomorrow week, wish he
could stay with us.  I think we aught all be together as much as we can, but
fate forbids.  I must teach & Rebecca must go to school so that leaves Mary
with 3 boys at home.  Cousin, please excuse this but I feel so badly I
cannot write more nor better.  Hope I will hear from you soon.  Why didn't
you answer my letters?  Affectionately your cousin, Annie

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