Lester family - Robert Lester
Subject: Lester family
From: Robert Lester
Date: April 05, 1998

Sorry if I'm repeating here; I received a message that there was a
problem with this posting so I'm re-sending it...
	I'm researching the Lester family and have some information that the
person I'm interested in spent his last years in South Carolina.  The
person in question is Peter Lester, Jr., son of Peter Lester and Mary
Duncalf (Duncoff), born in Bucks Co., Pa. ca 1695 or 97.  He married
Joyce, last name unknown.  The precise date of his move to SC is not
known but was probably after 1742 as there is  a deed on record at the
courthouse in Doylestown, Pa. for the sale of 204 acres of land by Peter
Lester and Joyce to a Jacob Weaver.  Any information on Peter Jr. would
be appreciated, especially a confirmed list of children or a date of

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