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Date: April 12, 1998

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Susan, who are your Jones from Union Co... Is that Union Co. SC... I =
have some Jones also but really no facts on them... Mine could be John, =
Willis, Robert...I am looking for Jones before 1790...My great great =
grandmother was Mary Jones... She married a Greenville, SC Goodlett... =
Probably she was born in mid  1780s , .First son was Robert Poole =
Goodlett...I have not found her in Baptist churches with her husband =
James Goodlett... I think she was probably staunch =
Presbyterian..However, her children were all Baptist..  Thank you for =
any help... Anne

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I have ties to the St. Legers of Essex, England.  I wondered if this is =
of the Legare family that was in Charleston and/or Quebec.  Anybody have
information about this? I know some of the St. Leger descendants settled =
the Henrico Va. area in the late 1600s.

Lawrenceville, GA
Union County names:  JONES, MURPHY, RAY, DUKE, DRURY
Laurens County names:  CUNNINGHAM, McCLURKIN, WRIGHT

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