Subject: Legare
Date: April 11, 1998

Cathy Monroe,  Let me add to the idea of similarity of Legares of SC(1686 -
on)and the Legares of Canada (around 1680 - on).  A Mrs Fludd wrote a book
on the Legares and mentioned that a Canadian Legare (a Catholic Brother who
ran a top notch school for boys in Quebec) had written a descendant in
Charleston and actually visited them for a while.  This gentleman said that
the Legares had been "watching" the progress of the Legares in Charleston -
their relatives - and finally believed that the Huguenot hostuility toward
the Catholics of France had diminished to the point that they could
identify themselves.  Their common ancestor was Francis Solomon Legare who
with a new (English wife ) had left England for the MA Colony and, after
helping found Frenchtown in what is now RI he went back to the Boston area
and had children and grandchildren before dying around  1711 in Braintree,
MA.  Solomon Legare who moved to SC from MA  had cut ties with his father
and was supposedly disinherited by his father for marrying w/o his

Please realize that I am writing this brief message w/o out notes or
re-study in order to let you know about some of the things I have found
(Solomon Legare of Charleston was one of my ancestors to SC).

Hugh Swinton Legare, distinguished diplomat from Charleston SC and US
Attorney General (1840s) and later ambassador to France (Fluent in French)
had used his influence in France to find some roots of the Legares in
Normandy (Knights in the duke of Normandy in the 1400s) and even tho the
French Catholics had destroyed all Huguenot records (most) he was shown a
house they had lived in and given access to other data which he reports on
in some of his notes/writing.  He believed that there were other Legares
who were still Catholic who had left England for Canada and believed them
to be Francis Solomon Legares's sons.  

I have communicated with an artist named Legare in Quebec and he does
descend from these brothers he believes.  I have communicated with a Legary
(pronounced Legare I believe)who says his family were Legares in Quebec
before going West to Ontario area.  His e-mail is   so
perhaps you might share some Canadian linages?!   Dick Matteson  Please
keep in touch!  
Dick Matteson  College Park MD

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