Leah A. Fullwood - Deborah Byrd
Subject: Leah A. Fullwood
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: August 07, 1998

Sumter District SC will book E-2 p. 153, bundle 152, pkg. 5
Will of Leah A. Fullwood filled April 10 1863
The state of South Carolina     I Leah A. Fullwood of the state and county aforsaid do make and Sumter District                        ordain and publish my last will and testament as follows that is to say
First I will and bequeath to my nephew William m. McKnight one negro girl Rachel and her increase should the said the William M. McKnight die without leaving lawful children then the said negro girl Rachel and whatever increase if any to be sold and the money divided between my hephews and nieces if living and if dead to their children.  also on bed and furniture
Second I will and bequeath to my niece Susan R. Anderson (wife of R. I Anderson) five negros namely Arthur, Sampson, Betty and two children that is to say Cenian and Jone with all their increase from this date also one bed, bedstead and m---p and furniture together with the remainder of my crops undisposed of or any other future crop to her sole and separate use no subject to the debts or contracts of her said husband or any other husband she may have.
Third I will and bequeath to Cornelia E. Lemon daughter of Thomas E and Ann M. Lemon on negro girl Elsey and her increase to her sole and separate use no subject ot the debts or contracts or control of any husband she may have nad in the case of the said Cornelia E. Lemon should die without leaving alive at her death lawful children or grandchildren there I will and bequeath the said negro girl Elsey and her increase to such of the brothers and sisters of the said Cornelia E. Lemon as survive her.
Fourthly I will and bequeath that after my death that five hundred dollars cash in hand be equally divided between my nephews and nieces excepting Robert J. Anderson, Milliam M. McKnight, and Susan R. Anderson.  Should any of the daid legatees named in this clause be dead the children to receive  the share of the parent.
5th clause All the residue of my estate of whatsoever it may constitue at my death I will and bequeath to my nephew Robert J. Anderson and I do hereby nominate and appoint Robert J. Anderson and William M McKnight executors of this my last will and testament.
On witness whereof I the said Leah A. Fullwood have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day of December 1862 signed by the above named Leah A. Fullwood as her last will and testament in the prsence of unspresent at same time who in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as attesting witnesses thereto.  Leah A. Fullwood  SS
John C. Rhame
F. Jay
John L. Dean
South Carolina        of Leah A Fullwood
Sumter District           Will
By Noah Graham ordinary of said District
Personally appeared before me J. C. Rhame who being duly sworn made oath and sayth that he saw Leah A. Fullwood deceased sign seal publish pronouce and declare the annouced instrument of writing bearing dat the twenty sixth day of December 18622 to be and contain her last will and testament and that she the said Leah A. Fullwood was then of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding accoding to the best of the present acknowledge and belief and that the J. C. Rhame together with J. Loy, and John L Dean at the request of testator in her presence and in the presence of each other witnessed the due execution there of Sworn to  and subscribed before me this tenth of April AD 1864 John C. Rhame

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