Fwd: LDS Website Info - Deborah Byrd
Subject: Fwd: LDS Website Info
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: March 17, 1999

I am passing this on to the various lists I am on or manage.  Hope this

Deborah byrd

>This Should Answer Question About LDS SEARCH
>Hello Fellow Researchers,
>I have been bombarded with questions on the Family Search Website and
> would
>like to pass on to you the information I received when I spoke to an
>"Official" Church
>spokesperson at Family Search.
>He advised me of the following:
>The OFFICIAL LDS Church website   is      LDS.ORG
>Go to media resources and find News update.
>The church is posting updates as they come in as to the state of the
>Within 3 or 4 minutes of the NEWS UPDATE ANNOUNCING the FAMILY SEARCH
>is online. They will post it THERE!  SO Keep checking.  Should be a
>couple of
>It will be a MASSIVE SITE.  They are prepared to test this site using
>who wishes to go to it and use it.   THERE WILL BE NO PASSWORD TO
>The rumor about the password was incorrect.  When the site was put up
>it was
>restricted to a few....about 100 people who designed it and are
>putting the
>finishing touches on it, someone there LEAKED, YES LEAKED, (AN
>that is why some of you got in.  When the masses bombarded the site
>it crashed
>cause it was not finished. They have now given each worker an
>SOOOOO  IF it gets leaked again they will know who did it.  It has
>being put online a few days because of the crash.
>There are now about 12 popular stories going around about Family
>Search.  I
>IF you pass information about the site on to others please just send
>them this
>message I have sent you.  The whole message.
>Now please remember this.
>1.  Go to LDS.org
>2. Find Media Resources
>3. Check News Updates
>That will inform you when it is going online.  Please notify everyone
>you know
>who will be interested.
>I hope this helps you all.  You have my permission to pass this note
>to any Genealogy Lists you wish.  Again, Please pass the whole note
>just sections of it or we will have more rumors.

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