Lawrence/Beaufort County/1775-1825 - Kelvin Kean
Subject: Lawrence/Beaufort County/1775-1825
From: Kelvin Kean
Date: March 08, 1998

Three distant 4G uncles of mine moved from Rockland County, New York, 
to Beaufort County, South Carolina, during or shortly after the 
They were Jonathan, Stephen, and Samuel Lawrence. 
Samuel married an Elizabeth Givens and had a son Stephen Hampton 
Lawrence. Samuel died December 8, 1810 and was buried at Ellis 
Plantation, Broad River, Beaufort, South Carolina. Their son, Stephen 
Hampton, married Margaret Mann and had at least two children, Elizabeth 
Helen and John H. Lawrence.
Elizabeth Helen apparently moved back to Rockland County and married 
Edward Winant there in 1860.
I don't know what happend to John H.

The source for the above information (I have specific dates for some as 
well) said that further information could be found in an article by 
Robert deTreville Lawrence "Family Bibles of Lawrence Brothers of 
Charleston" that appeared in "The South Carolina Historical and 
Genealogical Magazine," v. 53, pp. 77-89, 1952.

I've searched for this journal in the Pennsylvania where I live but 
without success. Does anyone on the list have easy access to a library 
in South Carolina that would have a copy? If they did, I would very 
much like a Xerox of the article. I will reimburse you for any expense 
incurred in obtaining a copy.

Kelvin Kean
321 James Mill Road
Elverson   PA   19520
[email protected]

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