Lavender Line - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Lavender Line
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 29, 1998

The Lavender Line publication was a subscription periodical, not a book.  It was
published quarterly from 1982-1987.  The publications also contain photographs,
drawings, and maps which I can't share easily in email.

I think that I donated a subscription to the Sumter Historical and/or
Genealogical Society.  If not, I would bet they got it anyway and probably have
it in their collections.  There may be copies in a few libraries.  But, I don't
expect you can purchase it at any stores or elsewhere.  It might be possible, to
persuade the publisher to reprint a limited number of issues.  They would
probably require a guaranteed minimum number of purchasers to do so. If they are
so persuaded, please consider donating a set or two to appropriate libraries for
future researchers.

Since several have asked, I'll post the contact information for the editors and
publisher.  I didn't post this contact info with the extracts because I'm not
sure if it is still valid, if these people are all still with us, or if they are
still healthy and active enough to handle people contacting them. 

I used to correspond with Doris Vilda and she published my writings in the
Lavender Line. My experience working with Doris, and everyone associated with
the Lavender Line, was that they, especially Doris, were some of the most
pleasant, open, and helpful family researchers I've ever met.  Knowing how she
was always working to stimulate and share research, I feel she would not object
to being contacted by a few people.  She sometimes referred people and materials
to my attention and we shared whatever we had of mutual interest.

I think it would be better if all those interested in contacting these people
formed a small committee of correspondence.  It would be better if one or two
people contacted them rather than several dozen or possibly several hundred
doing so separately.  Anyone willing to volunteer as a point of contact for this
action, please voice yourself to the Forum.

Here is the contact info that was given in the Lavender Line Summer 1983
edition.  If anyone does try to contact them, please do so with due
consideration (no off hour phone calls, enclose self-addressed stamped reply
envelopes, etc.).

Doris Lavender Vilda
1913 N.E. 17th Way
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33305

Corresponding Editor
Dr. Abraham Donald Lavender
3066 Shipping Lane
Miami, FL  33505

Corresponding Editor
Cyril Ray Parrott
107 Bennett Drive
Darlington, SC 29532

Assistant Editor
Elinor Reid Parrott
107 Bennett Drive
Darlington, SC 29532

The earliest editions do not list a publishing company.  Later editions in 1986
and 1987 show as publisher:

The Gregath Company
P.O. Box 1045
Cullman, Alabama  35056-1045

As far as I'm aware, they ceased publishing The Lavender Line in 1987.

Hope that helps,

Steve Coker

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