Lavender Letters - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Lavender Letters
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 24, 1998

Old Letters
by Dr. Abraham Donald Lavender
Published in "The Lavender Line"
Volume 1, No. 2  Winter 1982
Editor: Doris Lavender Vilda

(Note: First letter written by John Littleton Lavender, son of Robert Winter
Lavender who was a son of Benjamin Lavender of Sumter District, S.C. to William
Ellison Lavender, son of John Lavender, a son of Benjamin Lavender.)


Postmarked Tallahassee, Fla. Sept. 21, 1877. To William E. Lavender, Esq.
Manning (crossed out) and "Try Bethelm, South Carolina." Also, "P.M. Please
forward by someone if not called for. The P.O. may not be as address."

Dear Cousin, I have seated my self to write you a few lines to let you no how we
are at this present time. We all are well at present hoping to find you the
same. Dear Cousin, I have not heard from you in a great while. I have written to
you but I have not got any answer. You must write soon as you can. I want to
hear from you all, Cousin. I have no news of much importance to write you. Crops
are sorry generally. I am going to school now. We have a very good teacher Mr.
Rhames as our teacher. Cousin, you must write soon and let me hear from all my
kin near you, Cousin write me and answer soon and let me hear all the news.
Times are bad generally. Money is scarce but we hope for better times. Cotton is
at a low price. Papa is enjoying very good health.
     Mr. Potts got killed on the R.R. some time since. 
                                I must close my short letter
                                Cousin, you must write.
                 Your affectionate Cousin, John L. Lavender

On March 9, 1887, seven years after Robert Winter Lavender died another letter
was written to William Ellison Lavender of New Zion, Clarendon County, South
Carolina. The writer was Ida Matilda Lavender, daughter of Robert Winter
Lavender, Wakulla Co., Fla.

Postmarked Ben Haden, Fla., March 9, 1887.
To Mr. W.E. Lavender, New Zion, S.C.

Cousin William

   Doubtless you will be surprised to hear from me but you used to write to
sister Mattie but it has been a long time. I can't remember it but I have heard
her speak of it. I wrote two letters to you and both of them came back to me. I
directed them wrong but I have found where your post office is now. Mr. Rodgers
came down here Christmas from South Carolina he said be thought New Zion was
your post office he said that he didn't know any of you all he merely knew there
was some people living there by that name. Mr. Rogers has relatives in Wakulla
and he came down on visit so I wrote to the postmaster at New Zion inquiring of
the Lavenders and received her letter yesterday and she gave me your name Robert
Lavender and said there was three sisters but she didn't give me their names and
said you all were uncle Johnie Lavenders children so I know it is the same
family and Robert is named after Papa I recon because he was named Robert and I
feel very anxious to hear from you all I want to know how many there is and what
their names an hear generally how is getting along  we are first cousins and
would not know each other if we were to meet  I would be so glad to see you all.
I wish some of you would come out here on a visit to see us  we are the only
family of Lavenders living here and there is but few of us living. Martha and
four children  three daughters and one son, Mattie, Johnie, Josephine and Ida
that is names. All married except me and all live in Wakulla and all in the
County except Sister Mattie  she lives in a little village 10 miles from us and
every one is farmers all getting along very well but there has been sorry crops
made here for the past three years but I hope this year will be a better one. 
Mama has got seven grandchildren. Mattie has got four, three sons and one girl.
Johnie has got two a little boy and girl. Josephine has one little Boy. I want
you all to send (one?) your pictures and write the names on them so I will no
them and I will send mine as soon as I have some taken. Well I believe I have
wrote all I know until I find out more about you all. you must write soon and
write a long letter 

                    as ever
                          your cousin Ida Lavender

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