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Date: November 17, 1998

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From: Maureen  Burton  Mcneil 
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 I am a descendant of Anne Lavandiers, I think she was  the daughter
of Abrhamn.  Anne married Paul Manet.  Their daughter Madeleine
married Boniface Benoit II born in 1778, (S/o Boniface I, Guillaume
From River Inhabitants, Pierre le Cadet and Martin Benoit the
pioneer).  Boniface and Medeleine Manet had eight children:
1. Isaac  married Felecite Epee in 1826 in Margaree,( D/o Louis
Longue Epee and Marguerite LeBlanc. Isaac drowned about 1830.
2.  Oliver born 1811, married Marie  Chaisson in 1829 in Margaree.
3. Marie-Marguerite born in 1801 married Patrick Timmons of Margaree.
4. Angelique Judieth born 1807  married George Burton, born May 30,
1806,  in 1828 in Margaree. About 1840 George and Judieth settled in
Bay St. Lawrence, Victoria county.
5. Luke married Helene LeBlanc
6. George married Serephine LeBlanc
7. Paul married Victoire LeBlanc.  The three LeBlanc women were
sisters and married three brother and settled in Newfoundland..
8. Pierre, nothing known other than he was in the 1838 census for
Margaree.  I haven't attempted to find any information on Pierre yet.

I hop my one Lavandier will fit in you family tree, somewhere.  If
she does, let me know.  Maureen Burton McNeil
McNeil Family
248 Phalen Rd.
Glace Bay NS
B1A 3B4
ph 902 849-2880


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