Lauterbach's and Spelman's of Richmond Co. GA - Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Subject: Lauterbach's and Spelman's of Richmond Co. GA
From: Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Date: April 14, 2000

Hello Folks...

I have just been looking at some old Church of Atonment Records from
Augusta GA, and ran across the Godparents names of some of my family
members... I would like to exchange some information with seekers of the
LAUTERBACH family of Richmond Co., and the SPELMAN family of Richmond
Co., GA.

The LAUTERBACH's both Rosina and Henrietta were Godmothers to both the
HOOPS girls, by the name of Augusta, and Mary HOOPS.  I've some census
records, and information from the Church of Atonement to share with you.

On the SPELMAN connection, in 1860 Henrietta SPELMAN married a Jonathan
FRAYNE... I am looking for a connection to the FRAIN family in both
Augusta and Savannah GA.  Would like to share also what I've found in
various compiled records with these seekers...

I will post extractions at a later date from copies I've made already.
Hugs Wendy

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