Laurens,SC HENDERSON, Capt.James? - Austinart
Subject: Laurens,SC HENDERSON, Capt.James?
From: Austinart
Date: June 29, 1998

From: Helen Austin, Decatur, AL
(this is new information and does not repeat my previous queries)

Does anyone have information about this Captain James HENDERSON who is on the
1790 census for Laurens Co, SC ?

I am sending this to HENDERSON and SC lists to try to find informants who know
something about the Colonial families of HENDERSON, MAHAFFEY, TINNY, BONDS,
SIMMONS who were related somehow in the ancestry of Hugh Mahaffey HENDERSON, b
1814 in Laurens.

[email protected] posted a query about Capt James Henderson, who had a dau
Mary Polly who m Henry Irby. I am hoping that she or one of you other
HENDERSON researchers can send me some linkage for the few HENDERSON who lived
in Laurens from bef 1779 until at least 1820-1830.   Thanks
Here are the census listings for all HENDERSON in Laurens Co, SC:

!CENSUS-TAX: 1779  Census, Ninety-Six Dist, SC; Henderson, Alexander, David,
James, John, Samuel, Shadrach, Thomas.

!CENSUS: 1790 U. S. Census, Laurens Co, SC; Capt. James Henderson p 074; 2
males over 16; 2 males under 16; 5 females; Charles Henderson p 75; 1-2-4;
John Henderson p 71, 1-0-1; Mary Henderson p 71, 1-2-2; Thomas Henderson p 75,

!CENSUS: 1800 U. S. Census, Laurens Co, SC; James p 28; 20010-10010-01 and
James p 39; 20110-10110-00. Both are about the same age 26-45.

!CENSUS: 1810 U. S. Census, Laurens Co, SC; James p 018; 32010-21010; 3 males
under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45; and 2 fem under 10, 1 10-16, 1 18-26. P
17 has Andrew Henderson 10110-21101.

!CENSUS: 1820 U. S. Census, Laurens Co, SC; Hugh M. would be age 6; James p
021; 400010-00010;  James had 4 males under 10 and 1 male aged 26-45; and 1
female age 18-26. Also there is another James who is older; p 018;
211001-21110; who had 2 males under age 10; 1 male age 10-16; 1 male 16-18 and
1 male (James) over age 45; 2 females under 10; 1 fem 10-16; 1 fem 16-18; 1
fem 18-26. Either of these James could be the father of Hugh.

!CENSUS: 1830 U. S. Census, Gwinett Co, GA; James p 324. Also see p 366, 331,
310 for other HENDERSON families of this county.

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