Re: Laurens Co., SC Hendersons - Austinart
Subject: Re: Laurens Co., SC Hendersons
From: Austinart
Date: June 28, 1998

From Helen Austin,  [email protected]
In reply to my query , Hugh Mahaffey HENDERSON b Aug 1814, Laurens Co, SC
To: Laurens Co, Researchers, including,
Dear Kay,

Your reply to my query is most interesting and promising.  I have seen the
family of James Henderson and Rebecca Wells in t he IGI listings of the LDS
and have wondered about them.  If they had a son Hugh Lee in Dec 1815, it
would not necessarily make it impossible for them to have another son named
Hugh Mahaffey in Aug 1814, especially since he never used the name Hugh,
except in legal documents.  He was called Mahaffey or Hathey by the family.
However, since all the siblings of Hugh Lee seem to be accounted for, you are
probably right and it may be a James Henderson who was a first cousin of your
James .

I saw land record for Rabun Creek, and know that is where the MAHAFFEY
families were buried in Rabun Creek Bapt. Ch. cemetery.  I have not yet
identified the grandmother of Hugh Mahaffey HENDERSON who was a MAHAFFEY. 

I am very interested in knowing about the persons and dates for the
HENDERSON/MAHAFFEY connection which you mentioned.  It may help me to identify
the right families. 

Hugh MAHAFFEY HENDERSON went to Gwinett Co, GA with father James before 1830,
and they went to N Central AL, Jefferson Co before 1840.  I have looked at the
Calhoun Co, AL HENDERSONS, could you send me their pedigree in an attachment,
please ?

There are only two James HENDERSON on the 1820 census for Laurens Co, SC.  One
of them has to be your James who married Rebecca and the other one is most
likely, ours who married ?.  Can you help me identify them ? Look below  :-)

!CENSUS: 1800 U. S. Census, Laurens Co, SC; James p 28; 20010-10010-01 and
James p 39; 20110-10110-00. Both are about the same age 26-45.

!CENSUS: 1810 U. S. Census, Laurens Co, SC; James p 018; 32010-21010; 3 males
under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45; and 2 fem under 10, 1 10-16, 1 18-26. P
17 has Andrew Henderson 10110-21101.

!CENSUS: 1820 U. S. Census, Laurens Co, SC; Hugh M. would be age 6; James p
021; 400010-00010;  James had 4 males under 10 and 1 male aged 26-45; and 1
female age 18-26. Also there is another James who is older; p 018;
211001-21110; who had 2 males under age 10; 1 male age 10-16; 1 male 16-18 and
1 male (James) over age 45; 2 females under 10; 1 fem 10-16; 1 fem 16-18; 1
fem 18-26. Either of these James could be the father of Hugh.

!CENSUS: 1830 U. S. Census, Gwinett Co, GA; James p 324. Also see p 366, 331,

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