Late 1800's and Early 1900's - Chris
Subject: Late 1800's and Early 1900's
From: Chris
Date: May 01, 2000


I was told that my grandfather was put on a train in Sumter and sent somewhere in South Carolina to be cared for until his death which was 1920. Supposedly, he had fought in the war and was wounded. My grandmother could not care for him and sent him to a "home". Does anyone where or if there was a Veteran's Hospital at that time or any suggestions where I might look. I would love to know where he died and where he spent his last days. My mother was very young but went to the train station with her mother to put him on the train, according to what I've been told. 

My roots are from William Daniel Brunson b. 1834 d. 1920. He married Emma Orana Newman b. 01 Oct 1870 d. 17 Nov 1925 and they lived in Sumter, SC. 

Someone on the list suggested that my grandmother could have been a "Turk" in Sumter. I'd like to know more about the "Turks". Maybe that would be helpful in my search. I do know she was reared by a family of Newman's. My mother said they adopted her.

I would appreciate any help or suggestion on where to start my search.


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