From: Heide Sciacca
Date: September 27, 1999

I am new to this list and would like to post my Miller and Langley
lines. Both have been brick walls.My gggrandmother is the Miller line. I
am intrigued by the fact that a female was given the name of
"Sylvester". I have very little info to provide, but  am hoping that
someone out there has come across her name in their research. The same
goes for my gggrandfather's Langley line.

Mansfield H. LANGLEY (birth/death dates unknown) married Sylvester Jane
MILLER, probably born before 1864? I only know of one daughter from this

marriage, my ggrandmother, Eva LANGLEY, born 11 Nov 1880, died 19 Apr
1956. She is buried in Springwood Cemetary in Greenville SC with my
ggrandfather, William Augustus SATTERFIELD. I have Eva LANGLEY's
obituary and indeed, her mother's name is Sylvester Jane. All I have
been able to find out about her so far is she may be from Greenwood, SC,

but I haven't found a specific location as of yet. Eva's father is
listed as "Mansfield H. LANGLEY" in her obit, but my aunt  thought his
name was "John", and in a Satterfield family bible it is listed as John
Manse(field) LANGLEY. My aunt told me she thought he was a Baptist
minister in the Bath/Clearwater area, I would assume in the 1880's.


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