Langley United Methodist Church, and Langley Cemetery - Donna J. Salzman
Subject: Langley United Methodist Church, and Langley Cemetery
From: Donna J. Salzman
Date: March 19, 2001

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Surname: Jenkins, Burleson

I was wondering if anyone has the burial list from the Old Langley Cemetery.
I found the cemetery listed on the SC Cemetery of Aiken Co. in Graniteville.
I am searching for the name of a baby that was possibly buried there in
1934 The funeral notice says that the Langley Methodist Church Officiated
and he was buried at Langley Cemetery. Is this the same cemetery? Is there
anyone who knows if there is a list of burials. As far as I know he never
had a marker of any kind. Is there someone that can look in the cemetery
books. Volume three of a set of four books is supposed to have the (Old
City) Langley Cemetery. The name is Joel William Jenkins b. 14 July 1933
in Augusta GA. d. 23 Feb 1934 at Augusta GA. Parents were William Vergil
Jenkins and Ruthie Burleson.They lived in Langley. I am searching for his
grave so it can be marked. Thanks for your help.

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