Langley in 1810-1813?? - Anna M. Langley
Subject: Langley in 1810-1813??
From: Anna M. Langley
Date: July 13, 1998

My husband's ancestor, Whitfield Langley, appears on Federal Census records
as being born in SC abt 1810 (from the ages on the different census' could
have been born anywhere between 1810-1813). My question is this-did SC have
state census' taken between the federal census' ? I haven't been able to
find an 1820 census for SC in any of the surrounding libraries here in AL,
and no indexes either. So I am at a loss on how to find Whitfield 's
parents, and siblings.
Can anyone help me out?
Anna M. (Ory) Langley, IBSSG
[email protected]

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