Re: Landgraves, Landgravines, and Cassiques of South Carolina and their Baronies: - Lynn S Teague
Subject: Re: Landgraves, Landgravines, and Cassiques of South Carolina and their Baronies:
From: Lynn S Teague
Date: October 31, 1999

Joseph Pendarvis was granted a great deal of land but was not a Landgrave.

Lynn Teague
[email protected]

On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, James Miller, Jr. wrote:

 Can any one add the names of additional Landgraves or Cassiques of late
> 1600s, early 1700s South Carolina?
> Thomas Amy, Edmund Andros, Daniel Axtell, Sr., Holland Axtell, Rebecca Pratt
> Axtel, Edmund Bellinger, Sr., Edmund Bellinger, III, Edward Berkeley
> (fictional), Joseph Blake, James Carteret, James Colleton, John Colleton,
> Hon. Peter Colleton. Sir Peter Colleton, Thomas Colleton, William Craven,
> John Gibbs, James Griffiths, ???? Griffiths (father of John), William
> Hodgson, Mary Ketelby Johnston, Robert Johnston, Nathaniel Johnson, Edward
> Juckes, Able Ketelby, Richard Kirle, John locke, John Monke, James Moore,
> Joseph Moore, Joseph Morton, I, Joseph Morton, II, Joseph Pendarvis?, Andrew
> or Spencer Percival, John Price, Thomas Rowe, Statira Elizabth Farquharson
> Johnston Rundell, John Smith, Thomas Smith, Sr., Thomas Smith, Jr., Seth
> Sothell, Joseph West, Henry Wilkinson, Edward Willimot, John Wyche, and John
> Yeamans.  Jim Miller, Charlotte, N.C.  [email protected]
> > 

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