Landgrave Thomas Smith - Caroline Williams
Subject: Landgrave Thomas Smith
From: Caroline Williams
Date: May 30, 1998

Under "Pendleton Lookup" SCROOTS-D #197, Janice Gunnin in Texas said she
couldn't find "Landgrave" with the Smiths, so I thought I'd better post
this: (Whoever was asking, please contact me.)
This is from research done in 1932, the year before I was born by my
father's aunt, Leize Lockwood: (Her tree is in the form of half a wheel,
going upward and outward as you go back).

The first "Landgrave"(a title) Thomas Smith (1648-1694) was born to
Thomas Smith, a sea Captain and his wife Joan.
He married Barbara Adkins, a daughter of Aaron Adkins.
 His son, the 2nd "Landgrave" 
  Thomas Smith (1676-1738) married Mary Hyrne (1697-1777).
    Their son Henry Smith (1727-1821) maried Ann Filbein (1736-1762)
      Their son Thomas Smith (1757-1821 married Edith Smith (1755-1812)
        Their son George Henry Smith (1795-1874) married Eliza Fishburn
Lockwood           (1815-1891)
          Their daughter Elizabeth Singleton Smith (8 Feb 1842-4 Oct
            married William Stevens Brown (28 Feb 1829-8 Mar 1901)
            Their Children:
             Ann Eliza (infant) Brown (1860-1860)
             Eliza Fishburn "Leize" Brown (B.22 Oct 1861)married Joseph
              Lockwood (Jul 1866)
                 had son Keith Brown Lockwood (b. Feb 1884).
             Charles Pinckney Brown (b. 28 Apr.1864) (may have gone to
             Ann Eliza Brown (10 Nov 1866-14 Oct 1943) married Middleton
               Fuller (28 Mar 1860-3 Jun 1910)had 2 daughters:
Washington Smith                   Fuller (b. Jul 1887)married ? Reid,
and Elizabeth Smith Fuller
                (b. Feb 1889).
             William Stevens Brown, Jr. (25 Feb 1869-4 May 1930)my GF
               Marie Virginia Martin(15 Aug 1871-19 Apr 1949) my GM.
             Henry Smith Brown (16 Mar 1871-13 Jan 1944
             Susan Edmonds Brown(13 Feb 1873-24 Jun 1972) married
Charles Edward                 Lawrence(22 Oct 1871-7 Oct 1944)
             Mary Waring Brown(25 Mar 1875-26 Feb  1977)
             Edith Josephine Brown (b.19 Jul 1878)
             Charles Tennent Brown(24 Oct 1880)(may have gone to
             Jemima Campbell Brown(4 May 1884-4 Oct 1940).
  Thomas Smith (1676-1738)(2nd Landgrave)also married Anna Cornelia Van
    Anne Smith(1695-1738) married Benjamin Waring(1690-1735)
      Anne Waring married James Postell(1723-1773)
        Benjamin Postell (1759-1800) married Mary Skirving(1767-1801)
          Mary Sophia Postell(1794-1856) married Thomas Perkins
Lockwood                      (1789-1856)
             Eliza Fishburn Lockwood (1815-1891) married George Henry
               1795-1874)   LINE LISTED ABOVE.
   George Smith married Dorothy Archer(d.24 Jan 1732)
     Archer Smith married Edith Waring
       George Smith married Elizabeth Waring
         George Smith married Elizabeth Smith
           Sarah Eliza Smith(1793-1874) married Charles Tennent Brown(18
Oct                1795-Dec 1840)
              William Stevens Brown (28 Feb 1829-8 Mar 1901) married
Elizabeth                 Singleton Smith(8Feb 1842-4 Oct 1927) LINE
              Edmonds Tennent Brown(8Feb 1831-30 Apr 1918) married
Suzanne                 Catherine Vergereaux(14Jan 1833-22 Dec 1896)
         Edith Smith(1755-1812) married Thomas Smith(1757-1821) LINE
     Josiah Smith (1704-1781) married Elizabeth Darrell(1710-1759)
        Josiah Smith (1731-1826) married Mary Stevens(1741-1795)
           Elizabeth Smith married George Smith. LINE LISTED ABOVE. (my

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