Fwd: Land Plats Plotting ETC - Joe Jones
Subject: Fwd: Land Plats Plotting ETC
From: Joe Jones
Date: December 26, 2000

I am forwarding your query to Margaret Waters.  She is collecting and
plotting the land grant plats between the North and South Forks of the
Edisto River as far north as the Perry - Wagner area.  I don't know if your
McCombs plats are in this area, but I'm sure Margaret will be able to offer
suggestions - she is very knowledgeable on the whole subject of early
grants, transfers, etc.  This also applies to others on this list,
especially anyone with plats, deeds or ancestors in the area I mentioned.
There are more than 1000 original grants in this area, so I'm sure that
Margaret will appreciate any help, such as copies of plats, deeds, or just
information as to the physical location of early land grants or later
transfers or divisions of those early grants.

Joe Jones in Orangeburg

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From: Jane McCombs Gillespie 
Sent: Tuesday, December 26, 2000 9:39 AM
Subject: Land Plats Plotting ETC

 I have many many McComb/McCombs land plats gathered over the years. Is
> a program or method to plot or store these plats. Need to get the most
> information I can out of them. Would like to be able to compare these
> someway. See if I can figure out where these properties are etc..
> Any suggestions of computer programs or methods or anything about gleaning
> information from plats would be greatly appreciated!!!
> [email protected]
> Jane McCombs Gillespie
> Researching McComb/McCombs in SC
> Hopewell Presbyterian in McCormick County  SC
> Long Canes SC list : [email protected]
> McCombs list  [email protected]

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