Land Grants - frank gray
Subject: Land Grants
From: frank gray
Date: September 23, 1998

I have a copy of a Land Grant from King George 3rd dated
Nov. 4, 1772 for 100 acres. It is located :
   In Berkley Count
   In the fork of Broad and Saludy Rivers
   On the waters of a small branch called Beaver Dam Creek

Witness---Lord Charles G. Montagu
Surveyor---John Breman
Governor in Council---George Davidson  (two)???

According to my maps, it should be appx 8 miles east of
Ninty-Six.-----I am inquiring what county is now Berkley Co.
Did the Broad River name change. It is also south-east of
Chappels and Silverstreet. Where is the Broad River.
BTW---The deed is to John DURST, hopefully, I can add
him to my ancestors.
Peter DURST born 1820 Edgefield SC is my G-G-Father
    Thank You                    Frank Gray     [email protected]

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