Re: Land Grant Lookup Offer - sharn
Subject: Re: Land Grant Lookup Offer
From: sharn
Date: August 01, 1999

Thank you very much.  Robert, Nathanial and Charles Miller.
[email protected]
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From: Kay Rockett 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 8:39 AM
Subject: Land Grant Lookup Offer

I have some free time today and will do lookups in an index I have for
"Land Grant Maps"......these cover parts of Chester, Fairfield,
Greeneville, Laurens, Newberry, Spartanburg, and Union counties ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE: In the subject line of your email request, put GRANT
LOOKUP. Do NOT request a blanket search for a particular surname, like
"all SMITHs". Request a lookup for 1-3 first names only, like "Thomas,
John, and Harry SMITH".  This offer will be good from 8:30AM EST until

Please visit Rockett's Genealogy Web, a recommended website of The
History Channel

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