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Date: April 10, 1999

[email protected] wrote:
> ... land situated in the district of
> Camden Co. on Taw Kaw Swamp Waters of the Santee River....

Taw Caw Creek is shown on Mills Atlas map of Sumter District.  Taw Caw Creek is
a tributary of Little River which connects with Santee River.  These waters were
in Sumter District near the boundaries of Charleston District and Williamsburg

You can find the Sumter District Mills Atlas map on the SCRoots web site at

Camden was one of the Circuit Court Districts created in 1769.  

In 1783, Camden District was divided into the counties of York, Chester,
Fairfield, Lancaster, Richland, Claremont, and Clarendon.  

In 1785, county courts were established as subsidiaries of the circuit courts.  

In 1791, Camden and Ninety-Six Districts were redrawn to create the Pinckney and
Washington judicial districts.  The counties of York and Chester were taken from
Camden District and placed in the new Pinckney District.

In 1791, Camden District added the new Kershaw county which was formed from
parts of Claremont, Lancaster, and Richland counties.

In 1792, part of Camden District was assigned to Cheraws District when Salem
County was formed from portions of Claremont and Clarendon counties.

In 1798 and 1799, laws were passed abolishing the old district and county
courts.  These laws divided the State into 25 judicial districts with 4 circuits
and established a separate equity court system.  Camden District ceased to exist
when these changes became effective around 1800.

Camden is also a city in modern day Kershaw County.

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