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Subject: Lancaster Co., S.C. SUTTONS
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Date: March 27, 1998

Looking for information on any of the following:
Flat Creek/Hickory Head Township, 1850 census:
513  Mrs. N. REYNOLDS         70
        M.  SUTTON                    50F
        S.  SUTTON                     21F
        J.  SUTTON                     19M

514  E.  SUTTON                      22M
        C. SUTTON                      20F
         E. SUTTON                     6/12M

Flat Creek/Hickory Head Township, 1860 census:

Zachariah SUTTON                         28
Mary Elizabeth Phillips SUTTON      28
Sarah Frances SUTTON                  5/12

Flat Creek/Hickory Head Township, 1870 census:
Zachariah SUTTON                         38
Mary Elizabeth Phillips SUTTON      38
Sarah Frances SUTTON                  10
Eliza Ann SUTTON                            8
George Franklin SUTTON                  6
Lucy SUTTON                                   3
Sophronia Matilda SUTTON             7/12
Edmund SUTTON                             13

Flat Creek/Hickory Head Township, 1880 census:
Mary Elizabeth Phillips SUTTON      48 (widow)
George Franklin SUTTON                16
Sophronia Matilda                            10

October 9,  1859 local Lancaster, S.C. newspaper article, P.T. Hammond,
local atty., published an executor's notice, indicating Zachariah
SUTTON, had applied for letters of administration, on the estate of Mary
SUTTON, deceased.

Zachariah SUTTON was a private, in Company D, 1st S. C. Volunteer

Any information/connection, for any of these folks, would be

David T. Sutton
Hendersonville, N.C.

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