Lally Surname look-up SC - JRLally
Subject: Lally Surname look-up SC
From: JRLally
Date: October 14, 1998

I am seeking info on my husbands gr grandfather.  We believed until very
recently that he was born in MA.  We have recently learned though the MA
Archives that it was indeed S.C.  

His name is Anthony Lally, he would have been born about 1842.
I do know that his parents were of Irish birth.  But have no names for
them. Would love to find out where in SC Anthony was born, so that I may
begin to search for documents.  As an adult Anthony was a fisherman, a
trade learned perhaps from a father.  That would indicate that they were
possibly living along the coastal areas.  I can't think that there were
many Lally's entering the country through the Carolina's.  The name prior
to immigration may have been O'Mullally. or O'Mulally.  Any help would ne
most appreciated.

					Thank You,
						Gena Lally
						Mesa AZ

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