Re: Lake Murry - Fgourdin
Subject: Re: Lake Murry
From: Fgourdin
Date: May 09, 1999

That sounds like a reasonable way to deal with the problem.  I have a
feeling my Thomas Hunt is buried beneath the waters of Allatoona Lake in
Cherokee Co., Georgia.  He died in 1847.  Felicia
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From: Bill & Dottie Slocomb 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Sunday, May 09, 1999 9:54 AM
Subject: Re: Lake Murry

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 Why have they made MANY, MANY lakes over cemeteries?  Because the
 needs water to survive and for power!  (They ALWAYS move the
 cemeteries----so they SAY!)  Felicia
>Before they made Lake Murray, the South Carolina Electric and Gas
>Company had to contact members of the family whose graves would be
>involved with the making of the lake.  A lot of families, some of mine
>included, did not want the graves disturbed so they opted to have a
>memorial placed in a Church Cemetery identifying the names of the
>deceased buried under the waters of Lake Murray.  The Columbia Chapter
>of the S. C. Genealogical Society has made available  a book of all
>those names listed. In the book, it is noted the letters received from
>the family members what their desires were regarding their families.

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