Re: Lake Murray Records - Dean Craft
Subject: Re: Lake Murray Records
From: Dean Craft
Date: April 03, 1999


I do not know anything about records for Lake Murray but since the
Army Corps. of Engineers has played a major role in all of the lake
development on the Savannah River, it appears very likely that a
complete record will be found in a library bordering the Lake Murray

Lake Hartwell covers a vast area where my ancestors and my wife's
ancestors lived and died.  We found a set of records (2 bound books of
11 x 14 sheets; Hartwell Library) for all cemeteries impacted by
development of Lake Hartwell and the Hartwell dam.  As might be
expected, several complete (church) cemeteries were moved.  Also
included were records of the (living) ancestors contacted to make
arrangements for the removal of the grave to another area.

I know information about Lake Hartwell will not help your friend, but
it should give her encouragement that there is most probably a set of
records available that could possibly help her with respect to
if her ancestors were moved or not.

Dean Craft

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From: Bill Adams 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Saturday, April 03, 1999 10:47
Subject: Lake Murray Records

Hi to all of you
>I have been seeing messages about the Lake Murray records, but paid
>attention since I do not know of any one of my ancestors buried
>However, I saw the name of a possible ancestor of a friend of mine,
>forwarded the message, which included a reference to the Lake Murray
>records. She then came back thusly:
>"Where are the Lake Murray Records?  I have some people buried UNDER
>Murray in SC."
>Can any of you help me help her?  Thanks in advance from both of us.

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