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Subject: RE: Lake Hartwell
From: Wodi Pro
Date: March 21, 1998

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Will do.. May be tomorrow morning..  I have a greatuncle that married =
a Brock ... They were in Oconee co but of course started off in =
Pendleton or Anderson.. This Brock married a Sullivan.. Will get back to =
you..They lived in late 1880s'.  

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Wodi Pro wrote:
> I would love to lookup but this book  is just Anderson Co..  Virginia =
Ingram at ABBeville Bookstore is wonderful about one lookup... I repeat, =

one lookup..Ther
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> ANNE, my ggf James Chambers was moved to Ridge Methodist church in =
> SC (Abbeville Co).   Does your book tell which church he was moved =
> Thanks for looking.  Randy Chambers - [email protected]
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If you have the Anderson County SC cemetary books would you see if you
have Brocks listed in any particular place. Could be also Anderson and
Armstrong along with them. I believe they lived in or close to Honea
Path SC. If this is asking too much I will understand. Thank you for
anything you can or cannot do.  Maxine

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