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Subject: RE: Lake Hartwell
From: Wodi Pro
Date: March 19, 1998

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Banks, it's me again..The corp of engineers advertized and many people =
moved the graves.. Some of course did not or weren't found.. There is a =
book in Anderson that may have been done before the area was flooded.. =
It was flooded in late forties for I remember it well.. ... The book is =
called Book of the Dead by Smith...   there were many articles on this =
about that time in Anderson Independent... My family was moved to =
Andersonville Church and others also.. They were not Baptist but Pres =
but the church offered to take care of the graves..   I have the book if =
you would like me to look up anyone. Anne Doggett  =
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From: 	Banks Cates
Sent: 	Thursday, March 19, 1998 7:19 AM
Subject: 	Lake Hartwell

Anyone have information or know where it can be found re. cemeteries or
burial sites recorded or moved by U.S. Corp of Engineers prior to the
damming of Lake Hartwell? I am researching relatives who lived off of
Deep Creek branch of Seneca River - this area is now under water exept
for Portman Shoals.

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