Re: Lafeyette's landing in SC - CALDER
Subject: Re: Lafeyette's landing in SC
Date: May 24, 1998

In Nell S. Graydon's book "Tales Of Edisto", pages 33-39, she describes
Lafayette's visit to Edisto Island in 1825. He visited the Seabrook
plantation. Seabrook's daughter, who was born during the visit was named in
his honor--Caroline Lafayette Seabrook
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Date: Sunday, May 24, 1998 10:52 AM
Subject: Lafeyette's landing in SC

This is what I have been told about Lafeyette's landing in SC in 1777.
>Can anyone tell me anything more of this event or the people involved?
>or even where to look.
>Lafayette in 1777 after purchasing supplies and ammo in
>France, left from a port in Spain, west of Bayonne, and sailed for
>America.  He landed at Georgetown, Lafayette rode on horseback to
>Charlestown then Philadelphia.  I am not sure what happened to the crew
>of this boat, whether it landed in Georgetown or went on somewhere
>else.  I was wondering if my ancestor GEORGE LEFOLLET was one of these
>men.  He had already been in NJ for years before this boat trip, but
>can't find his enlistment into the Rev. War lists.  I think he was in
>LaFayettes Virginia Soldiers, but that of course is not in SC.
>Any help would be great.

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