Lafeyette's landing in SC - karen busby
Subject: Lafeyette's landing in SC
From: karen busby
Date: May 24, 1998

This is what I have been told about Lafeyette's landing in SC in 1777.
Can anyone tell me anything more of this event or the people involved?
or even where to look.

Lafayette in 1777 after purchasing supplies and ammo in
France, left from a port in Spain, west of Bayonne, and sailed for
America.  He landed at Georgetown, Lafayette rode on horseback to
Charlestown then Philadelphia.  I am not sure what happened to the crew
of this boat, whether it landed in Georgetown or went on somewhere
else.  I was wondering if my ancestor GEORGE LEFOLLET was one of these
men.  He had already been in NJ for years before this boat trip, but
can't find his enlistment into the Rev. War lists.  I think he was in
LaFayettes Virginia Soldiers, but that of course is not in SC.  Any help
would be great.

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