Re: - Berrynice9
Subject: Re: [email protected]
From: Berrynice9
Date: March 01, 2000


I realize that you are checking in SC but want to know have you any 
connections to the Pettigrews of NC. If so, you may be able to find answers 
to your questions through a woman by the name of  Reid. I can't remember her 
whole name at the moment, butr she wrote a book called SOMERSETT HOMECOMING. 
It is a very good book and she gave a lot of details about the Pettigrews 
there. Possibly, your family could have been a NC family that migrated to SC 
and she may have information about what you need.

I am not sure if she is still the curator at the museum but at one time she 
moved there to reestablish the slave quarters and to be the curator there 
since she had so much history of the plantation. She made herself available 
to talk on the phone at the time. That was several years ago. Not sure if 
everything is still the same for her there but you can check. She lives in 
Edenton at the Somerset Plantation.


G. Moore

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