Re: Ladson - Lynn S. Teague
Subject: Re: Ladson
From: Lynn S. Teague
Date: March 09, 2000

It is helpful to know that Poyas has been found unreliable in some
instances, although fortunately this is not a problem for the Rose
family side of the equation.

With respect to the Rose families -- there are a multitude of Rose
families in the lowcountry. There are the Hobcaw Point/Charleston Roses,
the Thomas Rose family from the first Charleston settlers, the Accabee
Plantation Roses, with no apparent connection between them. The Hugh
Rose who shows up most frequently is from the Hobcaw Point family; his
Scottish ancestry is documented in an article by Mabel L. Webber, Jan
1924, The Bond Family of Hobcaw Plantation, Christ Church Parish. The
South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Vol. XXV(1). He was
the son of John Rose and Esther Bond, daughter of Jacob Bond of the
Hobcaw Point shipyards.

And then there is the Point Royal Rose family, which we are certainly
dealing with in this case, which has New York ties documented in the
obituary of Hezekiah Rose, father of John Rose (Webber, Mabel L. Jan
1921. Marriage and Death Notices from the City Gazette. The South
Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Vol. XXII(1):19.). The
family Bible of Thomas Davis Stall and Sarah Mary Rose survives,
documenting her birth in Port Royal, and there are documented land
transactions between Hezekiah Rose, father of John Rose of Dorchester,
and Benjamin Ladson in the Port Royal area (Lucas, Rev. S. Emmett, Jr.,
ed. 1977. An Index to Deeds of the Province and State of South Carolina
1719-1785 and Charleston District 1785-1800. Easley: Southern Historical
Press. Page 285.). 

It is interesting to know that there are yet more Roses, in the
Purrysburg and Bluffton area, but they are not the Roses who produced
John Rose of Dorchester. That Rose family is documented through the St.
Helena's Parish Register and other primary records, back to Aquilla
Rose, grandfather of John Rose of Dorchester. It is the wife of John
Rose who was mother of Sarah Mary Rose who is in question, and it looks
like the data consistently point toward her not having been the widow
Ladson. The process of elimination helps.

Thanks again for your help.

Lynn Teague
[email protected]

Linda McNish wrote:
> Mrs. Poyas, "The Octogenarian Lady" has been discounted as a reliable source
> in recent years.  Her memories, as with us all to some extent, were not all
> accurate.  I would personally consider the St. Helenas Parish Register to be
> far more accurate and even that could be subject to misinterpretation
> because of the age and condition of the original register.  I don't believe
> that any of the hereditary societies would now accept the Poyas book as
> adequate documentation.
> As to Rose, I know that there was at least one Rose family in Purrysburg,
> SC, or immediately adjacent.  The survey plat in the SC Historical Society
> in Charleston of my husband's ancestress Mary Catherine McNish shows a Rose,
> I believe John, with adjoining property.  I have also seen reference to a
> Hugh Rose.  You might look in the Purrysburg and Bluffton, SC, records.
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> Thanks so much for the help. I was getting confused. I do have one
> documented piece of information on this family, for Elizabeth Poyas'
> book _Our Forefathers: Their Homes and their Churches._:
> "Mr. Charles B. Ladson, (after whom one of the South Carolina railroad
> stations is named;) . . . lived just without the desolated town, and
> died unmarried, leaving his property to his cousin, Eliza Ladson, Mrs.

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