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Subject: Re: Ladson
From: Lynn S. Teague
Date: March 09, 2000

Thanks so much for the help. I was getting confused. I do have one
documented piece of information on this family, for Elizabeth Poyas'
book _Our Forefathers: Their Homes and their Churches._:
"Mr. Charles B. Ladson, (after whom one of the South Carolina railroad
stations is named;) . . . lived just without the desolated town, and
died unmarried, leaving his property to his cousin, Eliza Ladson, Mrs.
Daniel C. Webb . . . . Mr. Ladson's mother was a Miss Capers; she had
taken, as a second husband, Deacon John Rose, who sang by note, painted
in water-colors, and played upon the hand-organ-rare accomplishments in
those times." 

From the stories in the book, it seems that Poyas apparently knew Deacon
John Rose (who is my ancestor) and his family fairly well personally.
She was in her 80's when she published her book in 1860. From her
comments, the maiden name of the mother of Charles Benjamin Ladson was
Capers. What confused me is that Thomas Ladson, brother of Benjamin
Ladson, also married a Capers, Elizabeth, according to the St. Helena's
Parish Register. That is the one Ladson-Capers marriage of the right
time period for which I'd found documentation. Of course that sort of
thing has always been common, brothers marrying sisters.

In any case, the Mary Capers Ladson who married John Rose does not seem
to have been the mother of my ancestor Sarah Mary Rose (married Thomas
Davis Stall) or of her brother John Stall, since Charles Benjamin Ladson
was born *after* Sarah Mary Rose.

Thanks again!

Lynn Teague
[email protected]

Linda McNish wrote:
> I show his parents as Benjamin Ladson, b. Apr 13, 1752 and Mary Unknown and
> that he had a sister Elizabeth Ann who married Daniel C. Webb.  Benjamin
> Ladson's parents were Benjamin Ladson and Elizabeth Perry who were married
> Mar 19, 1748/49 in Stono, SC.  His parents: Samuel Ladson and Elizabeth
> Toomer.  His parents:  John Ladson, b. 1660 and Mary Stanyarne.  John Ladson
> had a brother Francis Ladson from whom my husband descends.  This
> information came from two sources--the more recent from Jean-Benedict de
> Saussure who was a frequent contributor to the Huguenot list, and the
> earlier information from:
> Fishburne, Henry Gordon, "The Ladson Family of South Carolina and Georgia
> 1678-1900" The Reprint Company, Publishers. Spartanburg, SC 1995., 12,
> Francis Ladson, planter, arrived in South Carolina before 2 November 1678.
> The record of his brother John provides the information that they came from
> Northhamptonshire in England. The record of John indicates that he came to
> Carolina by way of the Barbadoes Islands and we assume Francis did also.
> Francis received a warrant from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina on 2
> November 1678 for one hundred acres of land on the Ashley River. He received
> a warrant for another one hundred acres of land on 6 May 1696. This land was
> just west of Magnolia and lying on the Ashley River. By way of his will in
> 1717 he devised this land to his six children. He also received a warrant
> for two hundred acres of land in Berkeley County 21 November 1707. The
> information about his will and the names of his six children appeared in
> "South Carolina Historical Magazine" 20:97. Resource: SCHM 20:97; Salley and
> Olsberg, "Warrants for Lands" pp. 185, 548, 639; "First Settlers of South
> Carolina"
> Hope this helps.
> Linda Cox McNish
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> > Does anyone have solid information on the parentage of Charles Benjamin
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