Re: Ladson - Linda McNish
Subject: Re: Ladson
From: Linda McNish
Date: March 09, 2000

Mrs. Poyas, "The Octogenarian Lady" has been discounted as a reliable source
in recent years.  Her memories, as with us all to some extent, were not all
accurate.  I would personally consider the St. Helenas Parish Register to be
far more accurate and even that could be subject to misinterpretation
because of the age and condition of the original register.  I don't believe
that any of the hereditary societies would now accept the Poyas book as
adequate documentation.

As to Rose, I know that there was at least one Rose family in Purrysburg,
SC, or immediately adjacent.  The survey plat in the SC Historical Society
in Charleston of my husband's ancestress Mary Catherine McNish shows a Rose,
I believe John, with adjoining property.  I have also seen reference to a
Hugh Rose.  You might look in the Purrysburg and Bluffton, SC, records.

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From: Lynn S. Teague 
Sent: March 09, 2000 9:34 AM
Subject: Re: Ladson

Thanks so much for the help. I was getting confused. I do have one
documented piece of information on this family, for Elizabeth Poyas'
book _Our Forefathers: Their Homes and their Churches._:

"Mr. Charles B. Ladson, (after whom one of the South Carolina railroad
stations is named;) . . . lived just without the desolated town, and
died unmarried, leaving his property to his cousin, Eliza Ladson, Mrs.

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