issues for land warrants question - Deborah Byrd
Subject: issues for land warrants question
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: September 07, 1998

Okay all you brillant SC researchers I need your help locating the name of a wife mentioned but not listed in the colonial land warrant below:

"Willaim Denham had a warr'tt out of the Secr'tys office for fiftie acres of land, dated ye 19th day of June i695: and Signed by the Hono'ble: Joseph Blake Esqr. Langrave & Govern'r, upon the acco'tt of arriavell Rights, being for the arriavell of his wife, THE NAME OF SAID PERSON BEING RECORDED IN THE SECR"TYS OFFICE, the said William Denham is to Signe ye counterpart of ye Indented deed within 90 dayes..."

Where would I find the name of his wife?  

I believe that William was part of the New England migration to SC in 1696.  This William would be either the father of Jacob Donom of Wilton who left a will in 1745 or the father of John Denham who married Frances Commander.

The two families are connected but not related.  The Dunhams of Cainhoy, John Dunham, were originally Singletaries who adopted the Dunham name.  The ancestors of the Dunham/Donom family of Wilton sheltered the Singletary family from which John Dunham descends. So his ancestor took the Dunham name a generation or two before the family moved from Massachuesetts. 

Any ideas appreciated.
Deborah Byrd
[email protected] 

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