Isaac DuDosc of South Carolina - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Isaac DuDosc of South Carolina
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 30, 1998

Extract From:
The Isaac DuDosc Family of South Carolina, In two Parts
By Mrs. Leola W. Konopa, April, 1972
Published in Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina
No. 77 (pages 46-69), 1972
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, S. C.

The family of Isaac DuBosc is found among the earliest families in the Province
of Carolina. Isaac Dubosc came to Charles Towne ca. 1685/87 and settled along
the Santee River. The "List of French and Swiss Refugees in the Province of
Carolina who wished to be Naturalized English" was prepared 1695/96 and included
Isaac DuBosc, son of Louis DuBosc, and Anne DuBosc, of Dieppe in Normandy,
France; Suzanne DuBosc, his wife, daughter of Pierre and Susane Couillandeau,
native of "La Tramblade" in Xaintonge. The mother of Suzanne DuBosc was Marie
(not Susane) Fougeraut Coullandeau, who married 2nd Moise Brigaud and who sold
Lot #90 in Charles Towne that she had purchased in 1688 from Henry Hughes. This
was in the Plat and Draught of the said Charles Towne. Henry Hughes was granted
the lot in 1680. This would have been the original Draught of Charles Towne. In
the deed she refers to her daughter Suzanne Dubose and her son-in-law Isaac
Dubose. On this document, Isaac Dubose signed his name as "-- Dubos".
"The Royal Land Grants" books in the Dept. of Archives, Columbia, S. C., show
Grants of land for Isaac DuBosek, Dubose, etc., and also for Isaac (2nd.),
Andrew, Daniel, John, Peter, Stephen, Joseph, Samuel, Benjamin, William, and
many others. The name is spelled many different ways and the Dubose family had
many grants and plats.
Isaac Dubose, the emigrant, made a Will dated 6-19-1714 which cannot now be
located but is referred to in a Document of his widow in 1733 in Memorial Vol.
8, p. 245, Archives, Columbia, S. C., which states he left all property not
disposed of to her for her lifetime and then to his children, eight in number,
but not listed by name. Isaac Dubose died between 1714 and 1721 for in 1721 his
widow is found purchasing land as "widow". On March 11, and 12, 1733, Susannah
Dubose, widow of Berkeley Co., put her property in Trust to John Laurens as a
marriage was intended between Suzanne Dubose and Bentley Cooke, whom she married
in 1733. Her property did not pass to the children until 1742. Deed Book AA-ZZ
(1744-1773) page 185, Charleston, S. C., shows the Deed of Gift 6-12-1742 of
Isaac Dubose, son of Susannah Cooke and heir-at-law to her real estate, making a
division of his mother's estate. The children that participated in the
distribution of the estate were: Isaac Dubose, Elizabeth Whilden, Daniel Dubose,
Stephen Dubose, John Dubose, Andrew Dubose, and Peter Dubose.

The Will of Isaac Dubose mentioned 8 children. Records show the eighth child was
probably Antoine Dubose who witnessed several deeds of the family and is listed
in the Charleston Directory of the City in 1735. He was deceased by 1742.
The DuBois family that was in Charleston at the same time has caused many errors
in the Dubose records. Charleston, S. C., Wills Vol. 1722-24, shows a John
DuBois died intestate with widow Jane DuBois, Admin. 12-6-1723. This John DuBois
could not have been the John Dubose, son of Isaac Dubose the emigrant, as John,
son of the emigrant, received his share of his father's property in 1742.
The lineage of the Isaac Dubose family in South Carolina begins with Louis
DuBose and his wife Anne, of Dieppe, Normandy, the parents of Isaac Dubose b.
ca. 1660 d. 1714/21 who married ca. 1680 Suzanne Couillandeau (b. ca. 1663 d.
1742). The children of Isaac and Suzanne DuBose (Dubose) were: Antoine,
Elizabeth, Daniel, Andrew, Isaac, John, Stephen, and Peter Dubose.

[Omitted here, 20 pages of genealogies of above named children of Isaac]


Jeffroie DuBois, a Norman Knight who accompanied William the Conqueror
                 (Duke of Normandy) into England in 1066. 
 William DuBois, b. ca. 1035
  James DuBois, b. ca. 1060
   John DuBois, b. ca. 1085
    Macquoire DuBois (Count de Roussy) b. ca. 1110
     Pierre DuBois, b. ca. 1150
      Jean DuBois, b. ca. 1190
       Jean (John) DuBois, b. ca. 1230
        Robert DuBois, b. ca. 1270 
         Jean (John) DuBois, b. ca. 1310 
          John DuBois, b. ca. 1350
           Thomas DuBois, b. ca. 1390 (Lord of Pirou Espinay) 
            Jean DuBois, b. ca. 1430 (Lord of Fontaines who became 
                         Lord Steward over the household of Charles,
                         7th., King of France)
             Jean DuBois, II, b. ca. 1475
              Astromonie DuBois, b. ca. 1515
               Antoine DuBois, b. ca. 1560, became the Kings' Councilor
                               and Royal Ambassador to the Netherlands.
                Pierre (Peter) DuBois, b. ca. 1590/1600

The above Pierre (Peter) DuBose, b. ca. 1590/1600 married ca. 1620 Frances
Olliver de Lienville (or Lenville), from one of the old Baronial families in
Normandy. The record shows 3 sons of this couple: John, Louis, and Chretian. Of
these our Ancestor is Louis DuBose, b. ca. 1630 and who m. ca. 1650/55 Anne.
These appear on the "List of French and Swiss Refuguees in the Province of
Carolina who wish to be Naturalized English" in 1695-1696, as parents of Isaac
DuBose who had emigrated to Carolina about 1685/6 with his wife Suzanne
Couillandeau DuBose. Isaac listed himself as from Dieppe, Normandy. Since
history records Normandy as a stronghold of the Huguenots and feeling ran high,
it is easy to understand why this family left France and came to the new
country. It is also easy to understand why so many of the DuBose family took
such an active part in the American Revolutionary War, later. They were the
grandchildren of the emigrant. Isaac DuBose was b. ca. 1660, married ca. 1680 to
Suzanne Couillandeau and had eight children: ANTOINE; ELIZABETH; ISAAC; DANIEL;

The above Louis DuBose, son of Pierre DuBosc, is not to be confused with the
Louis DuBois, son of Chretien DuBois of Wicres, hamlet La Baree, near Lille, in
Flanders who, with his wife Catherine emigrated to New York, and settled in
Kingston for a time, before moving to New Paltz, N. Y., when they received that
land Grant. That is a different family, though probably related. See "Huguenot
Emigration to America" by Baird, Vol. 1, p. 87 for that line. Also in same Vol.
1, Chapter 7, p. 80, Note 2, shows Louis and Anne, parents of Isaac DuBose. See
also "History of the DuBose Family" by Israel J. McKenzie.

It is believed that the family names of DuBois, DuBose, Dubusk, DuBosk etc.,
were all originally DuBois of early origin, in France. Various spellings occur
in all records of the State of South Carolina, and Georgia. In the early history
of France, all of the sons of one man may bear a different name entirely. Also
if he owned land and sold it, the name went with it. Confusion in names has made
the search in very early records difficult, incomplete, and uncertain. Since the
earliest records in South Carolina show "Dubose" it is used herein throughout.

          Mrs. Leola W. Konopa,
          April, 1972,
          Columbia, South Carolina.

[End of Part 1]

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