Isaac DuDosc of SC, (pp. 58-60) - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Isaac DuDosc of SC, (pp. 58-60)
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: September 01, 1998

The Isaac DuDosc Family of South Carolina, In two Parts
By Mrs. Leola W. Konopa, April, 1972
Published in Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina
No. 77, 1972
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, S. C.

[... continued, pages 58-60]

Sinclair C. Dubose, married 3rd Adeline Huggins who is named in his Will
recorded in Darlington, S. C.  No children by the 3rd marriage.

B. Peter Dubose (Capt.) (son of Andrew Dubose, Sr., who was son of the emigrants
Isaac Dubose and Suzanne Couillandeau Dubose), was born 1759, and died September
26, 1846 in Sumter County, S. C. "The History of the Old Cheraws" by Bishop
Alexander Gregg, gives an interesting account of the activities of the Tories in
and around Darlington and Sumter Counties. In this area there was a breastworks
built by a Church in the Carter's Cross Roads area and was used during the
American Revolutionary War. A few years ago it was decided to build a road
around the church for the convenience of the people attending church. When this
was done, they ran into pieces of cannon and skeletons in the breastworks area.
Legends had been handed down about the Tory raids and the efforts of the Whigs,
led by Capt. Peter Dubose, to protect their homes and families from destruction.
Some of the Duboses and other Whigs were killed in their home area and buried
where they fell. It is believed that breastworks also contained a cemetery where
these men were buried. No record of who they were has been found. Since there
was no real system or method of keeping records much of the history of this area
has been lost. Capt. Peter Dubose was a leader in this part of South Carolina.
He came to Lynchs Creek with his father from Craven Co. He also received land
Grants on, and near, Lynch's Creek in Sumter Co., (later that was Lee Co., S.
C.). He married Laney Worthington of Smithfield, N. C. She died 3-10-1837. Capt.
Peter Dubose served in the American Rev. War. See many records at National
Archives, Washington, D. C. His sword is today in the possession of a descendant
in Bishopville, S. C. Their children:

 1. Middleton Dubose, b. 8-29-1797 d. 1-29-1870 m. 1833 Elizabeth Abernathy (b.
1810 d. 1882). Their children were:

 a. Sara Dubose (1836-1891) m. Frank Huggins

 b. Susan Dubose (1843-1918) m. 1876 James Craig

 c. Emma Lurene Dubose (b. 1838 d. 1898) m. 1856 Albert Rogers

 d. Elizabeth Jane Dubose (1841-1912) never married

 e. Martin Van Buren Dubose (b. 1834 d. 1857) - not married

 f. Frances Dubose b. 1846 d. 1925, m. 1863 Robert Scarborough

 g. Edwina Dubose (1850-1915) m. 1873 James A. Beasley

 2. Laney Dubose, b. 1803 d. 1880 m. Asa Woodham, (b. 1795), son of Ariss and
Rachel Woodham. Children:

 a. John Edward Woodham who m. Sarah Bruce

 b. Middleton Woodham, m. but had no issue. He and his wife reared Jehu Woodham,
son of John E. Woodham.

 c. Embrey Woodham, m. Megaron Skinner 

 d. Harriet I. Woodham 

 e. Richard Woodham 

 f. Jarratt Woodham 

 g. Ardue E. Woodham 

 h. Jehu Woodham

 3. Argent Dubose, dau. of Peter and Laney Dubose, m . ... Josey

 4. Harriet Dubose, m. Joel D. Stokes, Sumter, S. C.

 5. Dupree Dubose, m. Draper Abel Dixon, Sumter, S. C.

 6. Jane dubose, dau of Peter and Laney Dubose, married Stephen Stuckey. Jane
was killed by a slave girl. Later Stephen Stuckey moved to Texas and died in
Gonzales, Texas.

C. Elisha Dubose, son of Andrew Dubose, Sr., was b. ca. 1735/40. He also served
in the American Rev. War. In Sept 1775.  He lived in the vicinity of Stony Run,
Sumter Co., S.C., in 1758.  No records of his wife and family found.

[to be continued...]

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