Isaac DuDosc of SC, (pp. 52-58) - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Isaac DuDosc of SC, (pp. 52-58)
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: September 01, 1998

The Isaac DuDosc Family of South Carolina, In two Parts
By Mrs. Leola W. Konopa, April, 1972
Published in Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina
No. 77, 1972
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, S. C.

[... continued, pages 52-58]

6. Sinclair C. Dubose, b. 1794, d. 7-22-1869, son of Andrew and Elizabeth
Dubose, m. 1st Mary Rebecca Hudson, who died in 1842, and he m. 2nd Eliza Ann
Huggins; and m. 3rd Adeline Huggins. His 2nd wife Eliza (b. 1810) is shown on
the 1850 census of Darlington Co. S. C., and his 3rd wife Adeline is listed in
his Will. Sinclair C. Dubose lived in the Cypress Section of Darlington Co., S.
C., on the "home place" land of his father, he bought from the heirs. Children
of Sinclair C. Dubose and 1st wife Rebecca Dubose:

 a. Henry James Dubose (1820-1901) m. 1st Jane Kelly, dau. of Simon Kelly. He
served in the Civil War and lost an arm. Later he was Supervisor of Darlington
Co., S. C. Children:

 (1) John Wesley Dubose, m. Catherine Clements

 (2) Sephronia Adeline Dubose, m. Calvin Hill, Timmonsville, S. C. 

 (3) Elizabeth Ann Dubose

 (4) Sarah Eliz. Dubose, m. George DuRant Galloway 

 (5) Mary Mandy Dubose, (b. 1852, d. 1855)

 (6) Nancy Laney Dubose (twin b. 1855, d. 1855).

 (7) Roxie Dubose (twin b. 1855). Her mother died at birth of the twins.

Henry James Dubose m. 2nd after his 1st wife died, Susannah Abigail Huggins (m.
1856) Their children were:

 (8) Julia Ann Mahaley (b. 1857-1864) 

 (9) Henry Murry Dubose (b. d. 1858) 

(10) Henry Monroe Dubose b. 1860 m. Annie Scaff 

(11) Robert Lyttleton Dubose m. Ida Mixon

(12) Emma Georgeana Dubose m. Baaron Beasley 

(13) Simpson Davis Dubose m. Maude Reynolds

(14) Benjamin Alexander Dubose m. Addie L. DuRant 

(15) Mary Abigill Dubose m. James R. DuRant

(16) Marvin Manardy Dubose (1879-1897) 

(17) Bessie Virginia Dubose (1883-1889) 

(18) Anna Clyde Dubose b. 1881, m. Wayne Austin King

 b. William K. Dubose, son of Sinclair C. Dubose and Rebecca Dubose, born in
Darlington Co., S. C., m. Martha Ann Doud and moved with his family to Coffee
Co., Ala. He d. 1861 of typhoid fever. Children:

 (1) William Joshua Dubose, b. in Darlington Co., died in Coffee Co., Ala., m.
1867 Mary Clark. Served in the Confederate Army - was in prison in Georgia. 

 (2) Ruffert Cole Dubose m. Martha Hornsby 

 (3) Louisa Narciss Dubose m. 1st Lowery; m. 2nd N. Hornsby 

 (4) Martha Ann Dubose m. John Boles

 (5) Della Eliz. Dubose m. Isaac Kyser (m. 1877) 

 (6) Mary Caroline Dubose m. Edmond Edgar 

 (7) John Dubose b. 1860 and d. 1872 Coffee Co., Ala.

 (8) Bud Nolis Dubose (1859-1937) m. 1881 Eliz. Ann Johnson. Lived and died in
Andalusa, Covington Co., Ala.

 c. Joshua Thomas Dubose (Minister) (1822-1859) married Susannah Ellen Clark,
who, after his death, m. Isaac J. Alexander.

 d. Mary Dubose b. 1839, dau. of Sinclair C. and Rebecca Dubose. No information
about her.

 e. Jehu C. Dubose, son of Sinclair C. and Rebecca Dubose, b. 1827 in S. C., m.
Nancy Welch of Kershaw Co., S. C., moved to Vernon and Crossville, Ala. Some of
the family returned to S. C. Jehu returned to S. C. and died there in 1900.
Their children:

 (1) Martha Dubose m. Calloway 

 (2) Elizabeth Dubose m. Wilson (Chilton Co., Ala.) 

 (3) Huger Dubose 

 (4) John Dubose, Charlotte, N. C.

 (5) Peter Dubose (letter of Wm. J. Dubose, Lamar, S. C.) 

 (6) Gilbey Dubose m. Alice Devine 

 (7) Sinclair Dubose m. Medora Ellen Corbett

 (8) Mollie Dubose m. Devine 

 (9) Mary Dubose

(10) Monroe Dubose m. Hattie Joye, Lamar, S. C. Refer to Warren J. Dubose

 f. Benjamin C. Dubose, son of Sinclair and Rebecca Dubose, was b. 1826 in
Darlington Co., S. C., moved to Autauga Co., Ala., married Elizabeth A. (last
name unknown). Children:

 (1) John Wesley Dubose m. in Ala. Lucy Ann Hamilton 

 (2) Easter Dubose - Autauga Co., Ala.

 (3) Ellen Dubose b. Darlington Co., S. C. 

 (4) James Dubose, b. Darlington Co., S. C.

 (5) George Dubose, b. ca. 1852 in Darlington Co., S. C. 

 (6) Emily E. Dubose, b. 1859 in Autauga County, Ala.

Benjamin C. Dubose m. 2nd Vess and moved to Georgia to live.

 g. Eliza J. Dubose, b. 1831, married John Devine. Lived in Darlington County,
S. C.

 h. Francis A. Dubose, b. 1833, son of Sinclair and Rebecca Dubose, M. ca.
1853/55 Mary Eliz. Bailey in S. C., and moved to Chilton County, Ala., where he
died. He served in the Civil War. Children: 

 (1) Rebecca Dubose - married Joe Dobbs

 (2) Mary Margaret Dubose, married James Ben Cunningham

 (3) Elizabeth Della Dubose, m. 1st Poet V. Nuchols and m. 2nd a McCrory of
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Children were by 1st wife.

 (4) Frank Dubose - kicked in the head by a mule and died.

 (5) Wm. Jackson Dubose, b. 1861, m. 1882/3 Mary Frances Corbett, who was b.
1-28-1858 and d. 2-15-1933.

 i. Sewel Wesley Dubose, b. 9-7-1828 d. 6-20-1888, m. 12-10-1848 Eliz. Ann Gwyn
Jenkins, b. 5-24-1833 d. 11-9-1909, at Cypress, in Darlington Co., S. C. (Now
Lee Co.) She was daughter of Samuel DuPre Jenkins and his first wife Helen
Elizabeth L. P. Brockinton, and granddaughter of Rev. James Jenkins. Their
children were:

 (1) Martha DuPre Dubose, (b. 9-29-1849 d. 8-21-1918) married 12-6-1865 Francis
Marion Large (b. 5-15-1843, d. 12-3-1874). He served in the Civil War as a
Confederate soldier. Children: 

 (a) Ella Nora Large b. 1871 d. 1876 

 (b) Josey David Large m. Hattie Hearon - had issue

 (c) Norma Estelle Large m. 1883 Samuel McGowan Huggins 

 (d) Leola Large (b. 1-30-1869 d. 7-1-1902) m. 1-27-1884 to William Andrew
Dowling (b. 7-22-1859 d. 8-4-1924). He was County Supervisor and later
Representative from Darlington County, S. C. Their children:

Eliz. (Lizzie) V. Dowling, b. 12-24-1884 d. 12-1-1961, m. 12-27-1904 Clyde
Raymond Wilson and their issue:

Annie Laurie Wilson m. Clarence C. Jeter (they had a son Clarence C. Jeter Jr.,
who m. Arlis M. Drew).

Edith Wilson m. Herbert McLean Jordan - no issue

Leola Wilson m. Benedict Walter Konopa (they had a son Benedict Walter Konopa
Jr., who m. Barbara Mell Bessenger, dau. of Barney and Barbara Berry Beisenger).

Martha Elizabeth Wilson, m. Louis Maddox Wiest (they had - Louis Maddox Wiest,
3rd, who m. Wilma Lynn Smith; and John Andrew Wiest who m. Billy O'Hearn).

Lessie Gertrude Wilson who m. Richard Crosswell Hearon and they had: Karen Ann
(who m. Maj. John Gentry); and Martha Hearon.

Zachary Dowling, b. 1886 d. 1887 

Victoria Louise Dowling m. 1906 Dr. William Jesse Beasley, a prominent physician
of Hartsville, S. C. They had a son Wm. Jennings who died as a small child, and
a daughter Louise, who m. Charles Aaron Manship, Jr.

Fannie (Faye) Dowling m. 1919 Ira Bennett Brown - Florence, S. C., and had -
Frederick Brown who m. Gladys Smith.

Eva Esther Dowling, m. 1915 Guthrie Welborne Woodham and had children: Guthrie
Welborne Woodham, Jr, (m. Minnie Lee Rhodes and had issue - Guthrie Welborne,
III and Beatrice Rhodes Woodham, who m. R. A. Reynolds); and Andrew Dowling
Woodham (m. Mary Ida Warner and had issue - Andrew Dowling, and Marion Warner
Woodham). These live in Bishopville, S. C.

Morton David Dowling, m. 1st Ethel Lewis and they had children: Dolly Grey
Dowling (m. Col. Russell Broaddus); Jewell Dowling (m. Barney Holt); and
Catherine Dowling (m. Ladson Fraser McCutchen and had issue - Ladson Fraser
McCutchen, Jr.).

Morton David Dowling, m. 2nd Myrtle Jackson (widow) - no issue.

Rosa Jenkins Dowling, m. 1st Arthur Lide Harper and had one son - Arthur Lide
Harper, Jr., who m. Amelia D. Barnwell and had issue: Amelia Elizabeth (Betty);
Anne (m. David Lee); Catherine; Arthur Lide, III; and Robert DuPre Harper. They
live in Sumter, S. C.

Rosa Jenkins Dowling Harper m. 2nd Dr. Eldridge Baskin - no issue.

William Courtney Dowling, m. 1927 Virginia Taylor - no issue.

After Leola Dowling died, Wm. Andrew Dowling m. 2nd Gertrude Dubose, dau. of
Oscar Dubose. Their children: Benjamin A. Dowling (m. 1st Martha Harden and m.
2nd Marjorie White); Edward Sylvester Dowling (m. Elizabeth Roberts); and Wiley
A. Dowling (died young).

 (2) Walter Jenkins Dubose, b. 4-3-1868 d. 4-25-1939, m. 1888 Leila Alexander,
(b) 10-15-1869 d. 12-4-1944) Cypress, S. C. He served in the House of
Representatives in S. C. Their children: Cora May Dubose (m. Donald D. Grant);
Sudie Eliz. Dubose (m. Frank C. Huff); Ruth Dubose (m. W. J. Lawrence, Jr.);
Annie Lea Dubose (m. Heyward Brown, Hartsville, S. C.); and 2 that died in

 (3) William Brockinton Dubose, m. 1st Henrietta Eavely; m. 2nd 1889 Mattie
Parham; and m. 3rd 1899 Janie Parham (no issue this marriage); and m. 4th 1905
Edna Earl Scarborough of Timmonsville, S. C.

 (4) Sallie Jenkins Dubose, b. 1873 d. 1896 shortly before she was to be

 (5) Samuel Wesley Perdue Dubose, b. 1861 d. 1927, m. 1st 1881 Annie Parrott. He
was a Magistrate in Cypress Section of Darlington Co., S. C. Their children
were: Jennie Lou Dubose, (m. Carl Miller); Melvin Dubose; and Harris P. Dubose,
(m. Elma Stith). Samuel Wesley P. Dubose m. 2nd 1900 Maggie Parham, who d. 1963,
buried in Florence, S. C. No issue this 2nd marriage.

 (6) Edward Benton Dubose, (1870-1945) m. 1890 Armeda Butler, dau. of
Confederate Capt. Newton Y. Butler. They lived at Cypress, S. C., near
Bishopville, S. C. Their children were: Edna Pearl Dubose (m. 1st Charles G.
Williams and m. 2nd James Laverne Scarborough); Haskel Dubose (m. Kate Dubose);
Aline DuBose (m. Louis Caston); Carl Dubose (m. Minnie Reynolds); Eugene Bruce
Dubose (m. Belva Sylvan); and Willis Roger Dubose (m. Grace Young).

 (7) Mary Henrietta Dubose (1851-1897), m. Alexander S. McKenzie. Their children
were: Lucian Boyd McKenzie (m. Sadie Parr); Israel James McKenzie (m. Leila
Trapp); Cora Virginia Dubose (m. 1st .... Wilson, m. 2nd. ..... Davis); and
William Montague McKenzie (m. Mary Florence Dunn).

 (8) Helen Elizabeth Rebecca Dubose b. 1853 - died in infancy.

 (9) Lula Corentine Dubose, m. 1875 Lemuel B. Jordan and their children were:
Lawrence Gwyn Jordan (m. Grace Dixon); Harriett Eliz. Jordan; and Burrell Jordan
(died in infancy).

 (10) Robert McKendry (Mack) Dubose (1866-1921), Methodist Minister, m. 1893
Esther Amelia Dubose ("Essie"). Their children were: 

 (a) Rev. Robert M. Dubose, Methodist Minister, m. Hattie C. Seay, and had

 (b) Norman C. Dubose (1898-1949) m. 1924 Claudia Player and had dau. Norma
Dubose who m. Jack Vernon Cressman.

 (c) Thomas Guinn Dubose, m. 1928 Leona Miller - no issue.

 (d) James J. Dubose m. 1933 Juanita Josey, Lamar, S.C.

 (e) Coit McTyiere Dubose (1910) m. 1940 Mildred Nichols and had Issue.

 (11) Toland Duncan Dubose born 1878 died 1896.

 (12) Charles Bunyan Dubose (1875-1956) m. 1909 Mattie (Martha) Parnell. Their
children were: Winnie Eliz. Dubose (died as an infant); Charles Gerald Dubose
(m. Martha McDaniel); James Earl Dubose; Embree Sinclair Dubose; Marjorie B.
Dubose (m. 1st Morris Joye, and m. 2nd Otis Hicks, Lamar, S. C.); Victor Ronald
Dubose (m. Elma Lee Laffaday); Ray Curtis Dubose (m. Lina Wilkinson); Vivian
Frederick Dubose (m. Emma Kenlaw); Dorothy Dubose (m. F. A. Rogers, Jr.); Max
Shelton Dubose (m. Barbara Ann Byrd); and Charles Bunyan Dubose, Jr., (m. Esther

 (13) James Joshua Dubose (1855-1895) m. 1880 Aletha Hill. Children: Arthur (m.
1st Shelley Livingston, m. 2nd Maude Jones); Freddie; Belton; Raymond, (m. Annie
Edmunds); Roy Benton (m. 1st Edith Hodges and m. 2nd Mrs. Eddie Pennybaker);
Ethel (m. Claude Livingston); Jack Dubose (m. Gladys Nickles); Julia Dubose (m.
1st Howard Hood, m. 2nd Herbert Fraleigh); Jimmie; and Josey Dubose.

Sinclair C. Dubose, son of Andrew Dubose, Junr., and his wife Eliz. Dubose,
married 2nd Elizabeth Ann Huggins and had children:

 Robert S. Dubose

 Andrew E. Dubose

Sinclair C. Dubose, married 3rd Adeline Huggins who is named in his Will
recorded in Darlington, S. C.  No children by the 3rd marriage.

[to be continued...]

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