Isaac DuDosc Family (pp 48-52) - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Isaac DuDosc Family (pp 48-52)
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 31, 1998

The Isaac DuDosc Family of South Carolina, In two Parts
By Mrs. Leola W. Konopa, April, 1972
Published in Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina
No. 77, 1972
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, S. C.

[... continued, pages 48-52]


Andrew Dubose, son of Isaac and Suzanne Dubose, the emigrants, was born ca.
1710/12 and behaved to have married ca. 1730/35 in Berkeley County, S. C.,
Elizabeth Sinclair. He received his share of his parents estate in 1742, of land
In "the Pine Barron" as shown in the distribution of the Estate of Isaac Dubose.
His land bordered on his brother John Dubose's land. In 1760, Andrew Dubose,
Senr., bought cattle and "mouvables" from Mary Joy in a Bill of Sale in Misc.
Bk. LL (1758-1763) Charleston, S. C., records at Dept of Archives, Columbia,
S.C. The witnesses were Peter and Elisha Dubose in Statement recorded Aug 28,
1760. By 1769/70 Andrew Dubose, Sr., is found on Lynch's Creek in what became
Darlington County, near Carters' Cross Roads. He had received a Grant of land
there and moved his family up to Lynch's Creek where he settled and died ca.
1787. Darlington Co., Darlington, S. C., records show Andrew Dubose, Jr., was
the Administrator of the estate in Case A, Apt 4, PK 20 in the earliest index
book (2nd index). Children of Andrew Dubose and Elizabeth, his wife were:

A. Andrew Dubose, Junr. 
B. Peter Dubose "Jr." 
C. Elisha Dubose
D. A daughter - believed to have married a Commander.
E. A daughter Elizabeth - (Norwood records)

A. Andrew Dubose, Junr., b. ca. 1750/53, married 5-4-1775 Elizabeth Mims. (Rev.
Evan Pughs Diary - copy in Caroliniana, Library, Univ. of S. C.) He served in
the American Rev. War as a Pvt. in Col. Lemuel Benton's Regmt. Statement dated
9-26-1785 bears his signature. He died 1806, in Darlington Co. S. C., where his
wife Elizabeth relinquished her rights as Admin. and requested her son Peter
Dubose be appointed for her, as Admin. of estate of Andrew Dubose, Junr.

From Land Grant Books at Dept. of Archives, Andrew Dubose, Junr., received land
on Lynch's Creek situated on the south side of the creek then Craven Co.,
bounded on the north by his brother Stephen Dubose, and on the southeast side by
his father Andrew Dubose, all other sides vacant, from plat dated 12-5-1769.
Deed Bk. I, p. 119, and K, p. 28, Darlington County, Darlington, S. C., record
Gift of property from their mother Elizabeth Dubose, to the children of Andrew
Dubose, Junr., who was deceased. Deeds dated 1824 and 1828, mention that it was
the land formerly of Andrew Dubose, Junr. The children of Andrew Dubose, Junr.,
and wife Elizabeth Dubose were:

1. Peter Dubose, "Jr." (named for his uncle of the same name in the same
community). He was b. 1776, d. 4-14-1850 (Sumter, S. C.). His property was part
of what is now Lee State Park, in Lee Co., near Bishopville, S. C. Lee County
was formed in 1900/02 and took in this part of old Darlington Co. Peter Dubose,
"Jr.", married 1st Elizabeth (surname unknown) by whom he had children. He
married 2nd Amanda Crosswell, Dec. 1855 - no issue this wife.

Children of Peter Dubose and Eliz. Dubose, his wife:

a. Andrew Dubose, b. 1800 - married (unknown) and had issue: Mary and James

b. Susannah M. Dubose, b. ca. 1809 m. Samuel Nelson Atkinson - Children: Summer,
Elizabeth, and Peter Wilds Atkinson.

c. Hubbard Wilds Dubose, b. 12-10-1812 d. 12-1858, married Charlotte Susan
Skinner (1818-1859). Their children were:

 (1) Laney P. Dubose 
 (2) James Littleton Dubose
 (3) Dausey Glenn Dubose (1838-1891) m. Eliza. Dixon 
 (4) Susan A. Dubose
 (5) Rosa Exeline Dubose, b. 1845 m. Middleton Huggins 
 (6) Peter Wilds Dubose, b. 1847 m. Margaret Galloway
 (7) Charlotte Emily Dubose, m. Elliott Galloway 
 (8) Henrietta A. Dubose
 (9) Rufus M. Dubose - moved to Ark. ca. 1870 
(10) Lawrence E. Dubose - moved to Ark.
(11) Elizabeth Dubose, b. 1856 
(12) Susannah Dubose, b. 1858

d. Elias B. Dubose (Methodist Minister) b. 1-3-1801 d. 6-1-1851, m. Pheriby
Belk, dau. of Rigdon Belk. Elias predeceased his father and his children are
listed in judgment Bk. "U", p. 8, Darlington, S. C., as heirs of Peter Dubose,
their grandfather. 

Children of Elias B. and Pheriby Dubose were:

 (1) Zimmerman I. Dubose (1827-1862) m. Sarah Brockinton, dau. of Rev. Wm. and
Helen Salter Brockinton.

 (2) Margaret Adeline Dubose, 1824-1880, m. Benjamin Franklin Skinner,
Darlington, S. C. He was b. 1823 and d. 1865 in Civil War in Elmira, N. Y., as a


  (a) Wiley Skinner - migrated to Arkansas in 1869

  (b) Nicholas E. Skinner - moved to Arkansas in 1869 (Rev.) 

  (c) Henry B. Skinner, m. Louise Clements

  (d) Charles S. Skinner - moved to Arkansas in 1869 

  (e) Susan Skinner, m. Wm. Laurie Croswell

  (f) William Murray Skinner (Billy), b. 5-9-1857 d. 7-10-1935, m. Dicy Ann Pate
(b. 9-4-1863 d. 4-3-1924) m. 12-10-1882. Children: George H. Skinner (who m.
Allie Foley Drew); Gladys Mirian Skinner (who m. Richard M. Dusenbury); Marie D.
Skinner; Dorothy Evelyn Skinner, b. 5-7-1900, m. Clifford Kennedy Carnes, their
children were: Dorothy Ellen (m. John Henry Ellen Jr., and had issue - Cynthia
Ann Ellen, and John Henry Ellen, 3rd who married Linda Gail Beasley); and one
son Clifford K. Carnes, (who m. Mattie Frances Skinner and had issue: Clifford
K. Carnes, 3rd, who m. Lynda Berner; and Mary Gay Carnes).

  (g) Jeffry Skinner, b. 1861 d. 1879 - not married.

  (h) Ashby Skinner, b. 1-7-1864 d. 6-26-1933, Conway, Ark., a Methodist
Minister, as was his brother Nicholas E. Skinner.

 (3) Jeremiah Dubose, b. 1828 d. 1865 in Civil War, married 1847 Mary Rosanna
(Rosena) Stokes, daughter of Joel D. and Harriett Dubose Stokes. Their children

  (a) Eugene M. (John) Dubose, m. Annie McLendon. 

  (b) Oscar Beverly Dubose, m. Janie Josey.

  (c) Lucius B. Dubose, m. Annie Elizabeth Nettles.

  (d) William Perry (Hattie) Dubose, m. 1st Alice Almena Garner, m. 2nd 1900 Eva
Mae Huggins.

  (e) Dora Dubose - b. 1852 d. 11-11-1870 unmarried. 

 (4) Emiline Dubose - married Crampton Stokes

 (5) Elias Dubose, m. Ellen Hatsell

 (6) Samuel C. Dubose -

 (7) Andrew E. Dubose - d. 1866 not married, Darlington, S. C. 

 (8) Drucilla C. P. Dubose, (1845-1910) m. Jessie Haulford of Timmonsville, S.
C., had son Eugene Haulford who m. widow Keith. Drucilla reared Jessinee Hawley,
a grandniece.

 (9) William Henry Burnell Dubose, b. 9-13-1830 d. 2-12-1894, m. Eliza A.
Huggins, b. 1-10-1835 d. 10-29-1883, daughter of Robert Huggins and Exeline
Josey Huggins. Children: William Dubose (who m. Georgiana Best); Albert Burnell
(who m. Hattie Louellen Alexander); Lester Dubose (who m. Zeleka K. Harris);
Clarence F. Dubose (m. Bessie Floyd); Eddie Dubose (moved to Georgia); Roxie
Dubose (m. Henry Kelly); Olivia Dubose (m. Bowen Dubose); Agnes Elizabeth (m.
Julius Ash Nance); and Elias (Ellie) Dubose, who m. Gussie Bland.

(10) Sally Dubose, married Samuel Huggins, Lamar, S. C.

(11) Dr. Emory Dubose - never married - Cartersville, S. C.

(12) Thomas C. Dubose, b. 1834, m. Sallie Prescott

(13) Louisa Dubose, m. R. Zimmerman Skinner

e. Ervin H. Dubose (1806-1892) m. R. Jane King (1812-1892). They lived in
Darlington County, S. C. Their children were:

 (1) John S. Dubose (1836-1905), m. Frances Penelope Mims, of Lamar, S. C. He
was State Senator after serving as Representative from Darlington Co., S. C.

 (2) Robert Dubose, m. Louisa McKenzie

 (3) Fannie Dubose, m. Purvis - no issue

 (4)Susan Dubose, m. James McLendon, Timmonsville, S. C. Their children were:
David, Juanita, Harry, Louise, Pearl and Rivers McLendon.

 (5) Ellen Dubose, b. 4-29-1847 d. 6-19-1906 m. Thomas McLendon. Their children

  (a) Charlie McLendon (1873-1967) m. Hattie Severance who was b. 3-18-1876 d.
5-17-1939. Their children were:
 Robert Eugene McLendon, b. 1896, m. 1919 Jane Louine McLure (had issue: Sara
McLure who m. Dr. H. L. Sutherland; and Harriett Melinda who m. Alex Scott
Fant); Julian Richards McLendon who m. Tola Davis (had issue: Charles Davis who
m. Laura McCravy; and June Novella who m. Robert Dennis Jennings); and Annelle
McLendon  who m. Otto Brodie (had issue Harriett Ann who m. John Buckley).

  (b) Ralph McLendon, m. Mamie Carnes and their children were: Elizabeth (who m.
D. Baron O'Kelley Jr., son of Susan E. Wade and Dr. D. Baron O'Kelley, Sr., of
Bishopville, S. C.); Anna Ellen (who m. Garrett Pendleton); Virginia (who m.
Battle Pendleton); and Ralph McLendon, Jr., (who m. Isabelle Ham).

  (c) Rosa McLendon, m. Ernest Carstarphen - no issue

  (d) Will McLendon, m. 1st Annie Barrett and had dau. Annie Laurie, and m. 2nd
Onie Beaty

  (e) Albertus McLendon, m. Julia Colvin - no issue

  (f) Janie McLendon, m. Eugene (Tobe) Carnes, and their children were: Eugene
Jr., (died in infancy); Ruby Ellen Carnes (m. Frank Scarborough); and William
Eugene (Tobe) Carnes (who m. Martha White).

 (6) Jasper Dubose, married Rosa Wallace - no issue

 (7) Colon Dubose, m. .... and their children were: Lalla, Nellie, Charlie, and
Ernest Dubose.

 (8) Vermelle Dubose, married Col. Wallace of Charleston, S. C.

2. Penelope Dubose, died in Sumter, S. C., no further information.

3. Janetta Dubose, m. 1st Jehu Mixon and had issue: Elihu; Westley; Martha,
Zimmerman; Nathan; Juhu; Isaac, Joel; Simpson; Sarah (who m. Howell Stucky);
Pherebe Mixon; Milbrie Mixon; Christopher; Elizabeth Mixon (m. Lewis Peebles);
and Margaret Mixon (who m. Alfred Scarborough). After her 1st husband died,
Janetta Dubose Mixon m. 2nd John Hurst of Newman Swamp.

4. Rhoda Dubose, m. 1st Allen Grooms, and m. 2nd a Locklear.

5. John Dubose, m. Mary Polk. His Will is recorded in Darlington, S. C. Their
children were:

  a. Ezekiel Dossy Dubose, who m. Cassa Ann Thompson, in 1845 

  b. Sarah A. E. Dubose, m. Wesley Clark

  c. Allifare Dubose, m. John Milligan. "Allyphane" appears in the Will of her
father in Darlington, S. C., records.

6. Sinclair C. Dubose, b. 1794, d. 7-22-1869, son of Andrew and Elizabeth
Dubose, m. 1st Mary Rebecca Hudson, who died in 1842, and he m. 2nd Eliza Ann
Huggins; and m. 3rd Adeline Huggins. His 2nd wife Eliza (b. 1810) is shown on
the 1850 census of Darlington Co. S. C., and his 3rd wife Adeline is listed in
his Will. Sinclair C. Dubose lived in the Cypress Section of Darlington Co., S.
C., on the "home place" land of his father, he bought from the heirs. Children
of Sinclair C. Dubose and 1st wife Rebecca Dubose:

[to be continued...]

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