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Subject: Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 96-99
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: November 29, 1998

Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, No. 78, 1973.
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, SC

The Isaac DuBose Family of South Carolina
Part II, pages 96-99
By Leola Wilson Konopa 
[Mrs. Benedict Walter Konopa, Columbia, South Carolina.]

[... continued]

2. Nancy Dubose, daughter of Isaac Dubose and Sarah James Dubose, was b.
9-20-1783, m. 1802 Francis Baker (b. 5-28-1780, son of Joseph  Baker and listed
in his Will in Bk. A, p. 137-139, of 1819 Baldwin Co., Ga.). Francis Baker was a
primitive Baptist Minister. This family moved to Grenada Co., Miss., and are
buried there. Their children were Elisha Baker (1803-1830); Joseph Baker, b.
11-5-1805, (believed killed in 1865 in Civil War); Isaac Dubose Baker, b.
1-21-1807, d. 12-9-1882, m. 1st. Eliza Dunn in Ala., moved to Grenada, Miss.
(had daughter Mary Baker who m. Pinkney Talbot), then Isaac Dubose Baker m. 2nd.
Sarah Williams (children were Joseph, Simpson, and Francis Columbus Baker), then
Isaac Dubose Baker m. 3rd. Margaret Eliz. Duke and their children were - Anna,
Sallie, Lily Ann, Albert S. J., Isaac Lee, Samuel Pinkney, Mattie Gattis, and
Jesse Robert Baker. Sarah Baker (m. . . . Stevens, in Ala.); Rhodes Baker born
near Milledgeville, Ga., and moved to Grenada, Miss., in 1834; Rachel P. Baker
married twice, lived in Ala.; Francis Baker; Jane Baker (m. a Thornton in
Miss.); Benjamin Elias Baker, called "Elbie"; Lily Ann Baker; and two who died
in infancy.

  Francis Baker lived in Milledgeville, Ga., and in 1817 moved to Wetumpka,
Ala., then to Grenada County, Miss., in 1834. His son Isaac DuBose Baker and his
1st. wife Eliza. Dunn, and their daughter, Mary, went to Grenada Co., with his
father and settled near him. Refer to Ruby Slay of 1832 - 51st. St., Sacramento,
Calif., for further data on this line.

3. Elizabeth Dubose, b. ca. 1794 in Georgia, married John King. His Will is
filed in Talbot Co., Ga., also Will of Eliz. Dubose King is dated 1861, filed in
the same county, and shows the children, who are: Joel King (song writer and
publisher); Sarah King (m. a Whittle); Mary King (m. a Snellings); John King;
Isaac F. King; Eliz. Louisa King (m. a Snellings); Newton N. King; Martha King
(m. a Harris); George King; Elias L. King; Benjamin J. King; Nancy King (m. a
Weaver). See 1850 census of Talbot Co., Ga., for records of Eliz. King and some
of her children. Daughter Eliz. Louisa Snellings is living with her mother and
some of her own children. John King was justice of the Peace in Jones County,

4. Homer Dubose.

5. Samuel Dubose, b. ca. 1790/1795.

6. Isaac Dubose, b. 11-19-1799, d. 1-27-1844, m. 11-22-1821 Mary Epps Moss,
daughter of Henry Moss. She was born 11-22-1807, d. 8-11-1859, lived in Dallas
Co., Ala., near Selma, Ala. Their children were:

  (a) Martha L. Dubose, b. 2-25-1829, m. 4-24-1848 Jeremiah Johnson, (Ala.).

  (b) Sarah Moss Dubose, m. 1st. Thomas F. Scott, m. 2nd. Franklin J. Williams.

  (c) Thomas L. Dubose b. 12-2-1826, died in Calif. 12-24-1879, but was b. in
Dallas Co., Ala. He migrated to California to prospect for gold. See Diary in
possession of Mrs. R. A. Tharp, Mansfield, Ala., and at Russell Library,
Natchitoches, La. His Will is recorded in Sacramento, California.

  (d) Andrew J. Dubose (Sr.) b. 1-25-1824 in Dallas Co., Ala., married 10-1-1850
Fannie C. Atkins (b. 1827 d. 9-16-1886), moved to La. about 1854 and lived in
Grand Cane, DeSoto Parish, La. Their children were: Mary Moss Dubose (m.
4-29-1874 Robert H. Durham); Martha E. Dubose (m. 6-25-1874 Curtis Williams);
Andrew J. Dubose, Jr.; Junius A. Dubose; Thomas Lafayette Dubose; Fannie A.
Dubose (m. Robert Durham 1871 and after Fannie died he married her sister Mary
M. Dubose); Sarah A. Dubose; Francis Homer Dubose; Julia Dubose (m. a Haden).

  (e) James Hervey Dubose (b. in Ala., moved to Yolo, Calif., in 1850, he was a
farmer in Washington, Calif., when he registered to vote in 1867).

  (f) Newton Dubose.

  (g) Benjamin Dubose (from chart of Mrs. Sterling Browning of San Antonio, Tx.)

  (h) Joel Dubose (from chart, which was taken from old letter from William
Lafayette Dubose of Devine, Tx. See records of Mrs. C. D. Foster, San Antonio,

7. Elisha Dubose, b. ca. 1790, listed on Tax book A, 1810-11, in Baldwin Co.,
Ga. He lived in Jones Co., Ga. (from deed 3-5-1815 of Isaac Dubose of Baldwin
Co., Ga., to Elisha Dubose in Jones Co., Ga., records). He was in War of 1812 in
Gregory's Company. He m. 8-5-1813 Susannah Leonard. Elisha Dubose was kicked in
the head by a mule and his neck was broken, causing his death while he and his
family were in the caravan of covered wagons to Alabama. His widow took him back
to Georgia for burial and she remained in Jones County. (Division of Estate Book
"C", p. 127-130, 1819-1822, Jones Co., Ga.) Susannah later married 2nd. Mr.
Wyche and moved west. Children of Elisha Dubose and wife Susannah were: Saluda
Dubose (m. Nathan Aldridge); Elizabeth Dubose; Francis Homer Dubose (m. Mary
McGee, lived in Bibb Co., Ala.).

8. Sara Dubose, listed in the letter of 1899 of Charles I. Dubose to his brother
Thomas J. Dubose.

9. Mary Dubose, m. John Lamar, son of James and Catherine Lamar. They moved to
Alabama in 1824. Children: Dr. James J. Lamar (m. Martha Robinson); Mary E.
Lamar (m. W. Wilkes, a Minister); Martha A. Lamar; John D. Lamar; Sarah Lamar
(m. James Nunn).

10. Rebecca Dubose, married Joseph Baker (Deed Bk. "C", p. 241, Dallas Co.,
Ala., and see "Alabama Records" by Jones & Gandrud, Vol. 220, p. 5, which shows
in Orphans Court Minutes Book "E", April 1841-Jan. 1845, p. 14, dated 4-26-1841
that Lazarus B. Parker was made Guardian of the Baker children, shown as minors
and heirs of Joseph Baker. Children were: Mary Baker; Elizabeth Baker; George
Baker; Joseph Baker; Francis Baker; and Sarah J. Baker, who m. 12-14-1844 Isaac
N. Lassiter.

11. Elias Dubose, b. ca. 1800/10 m. Martha Lynn Walden, moved to Texas ca. 1838.
He died 10-18-1853 (from Probate records in West Burleson Co., Texas). They
lived for a time in Milam Co., and later moved to Independence and then to West
Burleson County. They sold land in Dallas Co., Ala., 7-3-1833. Land records in
Austin, Texas, show Elias Dubose was issued "Conditional" head right on 9-5-1839
and three years later he received his "Unconditional" grant 5-21-1841. In 1847
they moved to Robertsons Colony, Ellis Co., Texas. See Mrs. Vera Foster, 2024
Summit Ave., San Antonio, Texas for details on this line. Children were: two who
died in childhood; Isaac Charles Dubose, b. 3-22-1837 in Ala., d. 1-10-1906 in
San Antonio, Texas, where he is buried. (He had a son C. F. Dubose, who was
father of Mrs. Sterling C. Browning of San Antonio, Tx.); Benjamin Franklin
Dubose (d. in childhood); Milton Tryon Dubose (killed in Civil War); Thomas J.
Dubose; Horace Dubose; James Elias Dubose; Amos Dubose (Waco, Tx.); and Rufus
Berleson Dubose who died as a small boy. See deeds for Elias and Martha Dubose
in Dallas Co., Ala., and the Election Register 1836-1842 Book V, p. 65, Texas
State Archives, where Elias Dubose is recorded as justice of the Peace of Beat
No. 2, in 1841, 1842.

12. James Dubose, from letter 4-4-1899 of Isaac Charles Dubose to his brother,
Thomas J. Dubose. Isaac C. Dubose was then in Mineola, Texas, and the letter
gives a list of the children of Isaac Dubose who married Sarah James.

[to be continued...]

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