Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 93-96 - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 93-96
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: November 29, 1998

Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, No. 78, 1973.
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, SC

The Isaac DuBose Family of South Carolina
Part II, pages 93-96
By Leola Wilson Konopa 
[Mrs. Benedict Walter Konopa, Columbia, South Carolina.]

[... continued]

B. Isaac Dubose, son of Peter Dubose, First, and his wife Magdalen, was b. ca.
1740 in South Carolina, and m. 8-29-1781 Sarah James, dau. of Benjamin James,
and is listed in his Will of 1797, probated in Jefferson Co., Georgia. In 1785
Isaac Dubose received a Grant of land on Rocky Comfort Creek, in Burke Co., Ga.,
and deeded this land to Robert Ward, also of Burke County.

Isaac Dubose went to Georgia from South Carolina in 1778 where he qualified as a
Deputy Surveyor, shown in the "Revolutionary Records of Georgia," Vol. 2,
1778-85, compiled under authority of the Legislature, page 35. Minutes of the
Georgia Executive Council, Jan. 14, 1778, to Jan. 6, 1785, show "Isaac Dubose
waited on the Board and qualified as Deputy Surveyor for the counties of
Chatham, Liberty, Effingham and Burke . . ." These were created from Parishes in
1777. When Isaac Dubose applied for a land grant he appeared before the Council
and stated that he himself with wife and one child had never obtained land in
the State of Georgia and was then applying for land for he intended to settle
without reservation April 5, 1784. Listed as Isaac Dubose of Burke Co., the
Petition showed he was entitled to 100 acres on his own head right. He was
granted land between 1785-1798 on Rocky Comfort Creek. The Counties he was
granted land in, and was a tax-payer of, were: Burke, Washington, Warren, and
Jefferson (created from Burke). In Burke, Washington and Jefferson Counties his
lands were along waters of Rocky Comfort Creek.

Tax Book "A" 1810-1811 of Baldwin Co., Ga., shows two Isaac Duboses paid taxes
there. It is believed one of these was the above Isaac Dubose who moved to
Alabama 1818/19. The records in Dallas Co., Ala., TRACT BOOK p. 310 show land
was granted Isaac Dubose 10-24-1818 and 2-15-1819 by the U. S. Government. This
was where Isaac Dubose moved and settled, near Selma, Alabama. Georgia
Department of Archives and History shows in the "Passport Volume" that Isaac
Dubose and his son, Peter Dubose, and his son-in-law, Francis Baker, applied for
permit for travel to the Westward country. Recommendation for Passport order was
taken 8-18-1804. Since they were going through Indian Lands a passport was
necessary. Baldwin and Washington counties were formed from old Creek Indian
lands. Though the passports were granted, records show Isaac Dubose and his
family did not go to Alabama until 1818/19. He moved to Dallas County, Ala., and
settled on the River Road to Burnsville, Alabama. His will dated 6-30-1824 is
recorded in Will Bk. A, p. 64 in the Dallas County Court House in Selma,
Alabama. The children of Isaac Dubose and his wife Sarah James Dubose were:

1. Peter Dubose, b. ca. 1782 in S. C., married 1st. ca. 1802 in Georgia. He went
to Alabama with his father ca. 1818. (See Jones Co., Ga., Deed Books). He
settled in Dallas County, Alabama. He died in Mobile, Ala., 1-16-1840 while on a
visit regarding business. For the detailed records of this family see Mrs. Vera
Foster, Summit Ave., San Antonio, Texas. See also Jones Co., Ga., deed Bk "D"
for deed for love and affection to "My son Peter Dubose" from Isaac Dubose.
Children were:

  a. Sarah Ann Dubose b. ca. 1803 married 8-3-1820 Thomas S. Woodward, who was
later a General in the Army. Their children were: Thomas Woodward, Jr., (m.
Mariah Louise Griggs); James Woodward; and Bernice Woodward. They lived in Winn
Parish, La., at Wheeling.

  b. William Franklin Dubose (b. 9-24-1810 Baldwin Co., Ga., d. 5-16-1857 Dallas
County). He m. 1st. Ann C. and had 2 children who died as infants. He m. 2nd.
Cammilla A. (1828-1848) who had 1 child who died. He m. 3rd. Louisa Ann
Thompson, and their children were: Margaret Florence Dubose; Henry M. Dubose.
After his death, Louisa Dubose m. 2nd. Col. Hendon.

  c. Virgil Marion Dubose m. 1842 Thalia Fitzpatrick and lived in East Texas.
Their children were: Thalia Dubose (m. a Clark); and Virgil Dubose who married
and had issue: Dallas Dubose, and Pearl Dubose who m. George Welborn.

  d. Dr. Horace Nicholas Dubose, b. 2-4-1818, Milledgeville, Ga., d. 1875
Brenham, Texas. He m. 12-2-1840 in Montgomery, Ala., Martha Eliz. Persons. She
was b. 4-12-1823 in Ala., and d. 8-6-1903 in Bienville, La. See "Alabama
Records" by Jones and Gandrud, Vol. 224, p. 56. For further information on this
line refer to Mrs. Kathryn F. Gardner, Route No. 3, Winnfield, Louisiana. Their

  (1) Dr. Stephen Bryan Dubose, b. 1-13-1842 in Ala., d. in South La., m.
3-30-1865 Mary Ann Pearce (b. 8-6-1845, d. 2-14-1907) Rushton, La. Mary Ann was
daughter of Lt. Gov. Benj. Wiley and Anne Hunt Hall Pearce of Louisiana.

    (a) Benjamin Pearce Dubose, b. 8-10-1866, d. 1-10-1908, m. 4-11-1889 Lucy
Eliz. Wardlaw (b. 3-27-1861, d. 5-21-1938). Their children were: Annie Mary
Dubose (who m. John Franklin Harrison); Stephen Bryan Dubose (who m. Mary
Corley); Leon Winter Dubose (m. 1st. Belva Hays, and 2nd. Ollie Ray Love); and
Henry Pearce Dubose (who m. Margie Herron).

    (b) Martha Elizabeth Dubose (1869-1876) died young.

    (c) Horace Nicholas Dubose (1872-1942) m. Mary Rebecca Stall (Marie).

    (d) William Joseph Dubose (1874-1960) m. Clara Hammett.

    (e) Sidney Bryan Dubose (1878-1938) m. 1st. Bess Schumate, and m. 2nd. 1931
Elizabeth Sutherland.

    (f) Amos Clifton Dubose, b. 1882, d. 1883 Sparta, La.

  (2) John Dubose, b. April 1844.

  (3) Horace Dubose, b. 7-19-1848, d. 4-17-1871.

  (4) Amos Persons b. 1862, d. 1863.

  (5) Sidney Bryan Dubose (3-19-1851, d. 10-6-1913) died in New Orleans, La.,
was born in Opelousas, La., m. 1st. 11-26-1871 S. T. Jarman. Children were:

    (a) Kate Jarmon (b. 1874 Corsicana, Texas, d. 1949 in Elk City, Okla) m.
4-24-1890 Frank W. Towns (1864-1935). Their children were: Annie Towns (m. John
Chester); Bertha (m. Don Carter); Beula (m. Harold Pullen); Lealon (m. Gertrude
Galloway); Dudley C. (m. Clara Pillow); Viola (m. Elgin Childress); Laura (m.
Arthur Galloway); and Gladys (who m. Delbert Allison).

  Sidney Bryan Dubose Jarmon m. 2nd. 9-7-1881, Joseph Thomas Britain who was b.
1847 in Ark., and d. 1906 in Shreveport, La. Children by 2nd. marriage:

    (b) Laura Belle Britain, b. 1882 Lake Village, La., m. 6-7-1904 Walter Smith
Leary, b. 1883 in Mt. Lebanon, La., La., d. 1959 Shreveport, La. They had
daughter Kathryn Mercer Leary, b. 5-4-1905 Shreveport, La., m. 9-15-1928 Floyd
Thomas Gardner b. 2-28-1902 in St. Maurice, La. They live in Winnfield,
Louisiana. Their children: Floyd Thomas, Jr., b. 1-12-1930, d. 4-13-1962 in
Homer, La., m. 1st. 5-14-1954 Margaret Tucker and had one son, Charles Thomas.
Floyd Thomas Gardner, Jr., m. 2nd. 12-31-1959 Mary Wanda Evans and their
children are: David Thomas Gardner; Mary Kathryn Gardner. Donald Overton
Gardner, b. 3-14-1934. Shreveport, La., m. 5-28-1954 Audrey Ann Oden (b.
10-21-1933) and had issue: Glenda Ann Gardner.

    (c) Homer Hampton Britain, b. 2-1-1884 in New Orleans, La.

  (6) Annie Eliz. Dubose, b. 4-4-1860, d. 4-4-1946, m. 12-28-1886  Henry
Pleazant Wardlaw, b. 1-21-1863, d. 5-21-1939. Children:  

    [a-b] Two died in infancy,

    (c) Berry Nicholas Wardlaw, b. 7-23-1890 m. Annie May Shadow (Minden, La.).
Children: Wilda Wardlaw (m. Harry Ritzheimer); Wm. Berry Wardlaw (m. Gwendolyn);
Glen Shadow Wardlaw (m. a Druitt); Charlotte Ann Wardlaw (m. John Wanzer Drain).

    (d) Ruby Wardlaw, b. 1892, m. 1912 Elbert Guy Cook. Children: Louisa Gayla
(m. Nolan Townsend); Elizabeth; Dorothy Jane (m. Earl Kennedy).

    (e) Myrtle (m. William H. Franks).

    (f) Desdemonia Wardlaw (1897-1945), m. Rev. Elsworth Joyner Buck.

    (g) Rutland Wardlaw, and

    (h) Eula Wardlaw, (last two died in infancy).

Peter Dubose (son of Isaac and Sarah James Dubose) married 2nd. (believed to
have been Mary Polly Works), m. 2-24-1824 in Dallas Co., Ala. She died 1855, and
he d. 1840 in Mobile, Ala., on a visit. See Marriage Records of Dallas Co.,
Ala., Vol. 1. Bk. "D", p. 48. The children of the 2nd. wife were: Catherine E.
Dubose (m. a Phillips, in La. in 1855); Benjamin I. (or J.) Dubose; Balsora F.
Dubose (m. James W. Wiglesworth); Peter Dubose b. ca. 1830/32; Martha P. Dubose;
Mary Martiltie (Mary Myrtiline?) a minor in 1855 over 14 years of age; and
Virginia Geraldine Dubose, b. 1840. See the Will of Peter Dubose, of Dallas Co.,
Ala., written in Mobile, Ala. 1-9-1841; Probate Minutes Vol. 3, p. 8, Autauga,
Co., Pratville, Ala.; Will Bk. A, p. 181, Dallas Co., Selma, Ala.; Recorded
3-1-1841. Also see letter of 4-4-1899 of Isaac Charles Dubose of Mineola, Texas,
to his brother, Thomas Dubose, in which he listed children of Isaac Dubose and
mentioned a first wife of Peter Dubose but did not give the children of the 2nd

[to be continued...]

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