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Subject: Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 84-92
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: November 28, 1998

Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, No. 78, 1973.
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, SC

The Isaac DuBose Family of South Carolina
Part II, pages 84-92
By Leola Wilson Konopa 
[Mrs. Benedict Walter Konopa, Columbia, South Carolina.]

[... continued]

VIII Peter DuBose

  Peter Dubose, (First), was son of Isaac and Suzanne Couillandeau Dubose, and
was born ca. 1705 and lived in Christ Church Parish. He married 1725/28 Magdalen
(last name unknown), a granddaughter of André Rembert and is listed in his Will
dated 1736 recorded in Charleston, South Carolina. In the Will she is listed as
"Madelaine" and in a Memorial at the Archives in Columbia, South Carolina, of a
conveyance of land of Peter Dubose, his wife is listed as "Magdalen." Peter
Dubose also had other land granted him in the Province of Carolina, and by 1756
he is living in Prince Frederick Parish (Plat Vol. 6, p. 254, Archives,
Columbia, S. C.) on Black River, bounded by Benjamin Marion with other sides
vacant. The only known children of Peter Dubose, First, are Peter, Isaac, Sarah,
and Andrew Dubose. Their records are: 

A. Peter Dubose, Sr., (Second), son of Peter Dubose, First, and Magdalen, was
born ca. 1730/32 in the Province of Carolina in Christ Church Parish. He married
ca. 1750 Sarah - last name unknown. Land Grants and Plats in Archives show he
received land in 1769 on Back Swamp, near Lynches' Creek, Craven County, bounded
on all sides by vacant land. Certified 11-20-1769. Later records show Peter
DuBosq, living in Jacksonborough in 1779, where he purchased a house and a lot.
The deed for this was lost and was re-done 1785 and shows Wm. Sanders sold to
Capt. Peter Dubusque land in Jacksonborough, lot n. 5, on Main Street, being a
corner lot with a dwelling house on it. This was about 1779. In 1785 Wm. Sanders
confirms Title, and sale to Peter Dubosq. He stated that due to destructive wars
it was, lost and destroyed. See MS Vol. M-6, 1794, p. 257, Charleston,
conveyance dated 4-14-1785, recorded 3-2-1796 under the 1794 index date. In the
"Journal of the Senate of South Carolina 1782", p. 5, note 1, the Masonic Lodge
in Jacksonborough was where the House of Representatives sat, and the Senate sat
in two rooms in the Tavern of Peter Dubose. They met in Dubose's Tavern enlarged
by removal of a partition between two rooms. Later, in 1786, Pursuant to Act of
General Assembly, passed 3-16-1783, the Commission of the Treasurer paid to
Honorable Peter Dubusque money for damages done his house and Masonic Lodge in
Jacksonborough. This was Oct. 29, 1786. Lambert Lanir, Attorney for Peter
Dubosq, received payment for him, in Aug. 1788.

  It appears that Peter Dubose went to Georgia in 1782/4 to apply for land there
on the basis of his American Revolutionary War service and thus the attorney
handled his affairs in South Carolina. The Department of Archives of Georgia, in
Atlanta, shows "Peter Dubosh - A Memorial from Peter Dubose setting forth that
he in the year 1777 arrived in the State and on every emergency turned out with
his seamen in defense of the same and prays he be allowed the usual quantity of
land granted, and rights of Citizenship in the State of Georgia". The
Commissioners gave him Citizenship and 575 acres of land. (See House Journal of
Ga. 1785, p. 239). In the 1805 Land Lottery of Georgia, Peter Dubose, living in
Jackson County, received 2 draws - both blank. Later he moved to Washington
County, and from there to Baldwin County, where he died in 1822. His Will is
recorded in Baldwin County, now Jones County, Georgia in the city of
Milledgeville. This shows his children in South Carolina and Georgia. Will Book
1806-1832, p. 171, Milledgeville, Will dated 6-10-1821, proved 1-4-1822. His
Will states "my wife Sarah, when we parted . . ." and mentions children
Elizabeth, James, Amos, and Peter. It appears these were his wife and children
he left in South Carolina. He states he had already given them something and now
it is "one dollar exclusive of what I have already given," etc., and he left his
property to his grand-children, the children of his son Peter Dubose. He did not
mention his children in Georgia, however it is believed the children in Georgia
were Sarah, Zachariah, William, Isaac, and John Dubose, and partial records have
been found of these. Some of these and many of their descendants moved on west,
to Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas, while others remained in Georgia. Two
grandsons of this Peter Dubose were already living in Georgia when he died.
Children of Peter Dubose Sr., (Second) and Sarah Dubose were:

1. Elizabeth Dubose, married a Hodge.

2. James Dubose, married 7-14-1783 Elizabeth Hodge in South Carolina as shown in
the Rev. Evan Pugh Diary, copy at South Caroliniana Library, University of South
Carolina, in Columbia, in the Manuscript room. (See also deeds in Jones Co.,
Ga.) They settled in Jones County (old Baldwin County) and their known children

  a. Lemuel H. Dubose, (d. 1817/18 in Jones Co., Ga.), married Nancy B. (last
name not known). After his death, his wife m. 2nd. David Lockhart, 11-17- 1819.

  b. Elizabeth Dubose, m. Rev. Jacob Ferguson (1782-1852), a Baptist Minister.
They moved to Butler County, Alabama, prior to 1819. They had a daughter Eliz.
Jane Ferguson, who. m. 1833 John Wesley Armstrong and they had a daughter Mary
J., who m. R. J. Traweek. They had issue.

  c. Emily Dubose, m. Joseph Ferguson. (See Deed Bk. "G", p. 79, 1814, Jones
Co., Ga., for deed of James Dubose to his daughter Emily.)

  d. James Dubose, b. ca. 1800, m. 11-11-1829 Martha Hill and they lived in
Washington County, Georgia.

3. Amos H. Dubose (Rev.), b. ca. 1765/67, d. 1813 in Edgefield District, South
Carolina, and Admin. papers are in Edgefield, S. C. He married Elizabeth
Vaughan, daughter of Henry Vaughan, Sr., and Frances Eliz. Bradford Vaughan of
Green Swamp, Sumter District. Eliz. Vaughan was born ca. 1767 in Sumter County.
Amos Dubose was a Baptist Minister. After his death she married 2nd. Samuel
Dwyer. Children:

  a. Dr. Henry Dubose, b. 1794, d. 11-9-1862, married 1st. ca. 1818 Elizabeth
McKeown (McKewn), dau. of Archibald McKewn of St. George Parish, Colleton
County, S. C. She d. 1832 near Bradford Springs, S. C. Dr. Henry Dubose lived
and died in Greeleyville, S. C. They had 2 daughter - Louisa Eliz. who m. 1st.
Wm. Miller, and m. 2nd. David Robert Lide; and Jane Vermeille Dubose who m. Dr.
Wm. Harrell (original name was Wm. Skinner). Then Dr. Henry Dubose m. 2nd. Maria
Stevens (1822-1896). Their children: Henry Dubose, Jr., (who m. Anna Bradshaw);
John Snowden Dubose, (who m. Ella G. Christopher - lived in Ga.); Coogler Dubose
(who m. Annie - lived at Waycross, Ga.); James Marion Dubose (m. Claudia Buice -
lived in Danville, Ky.); Julia Marie (m. Samuel J. Taylor, Greeleyville, S. C.);
and Virginia Dubose (m. Wm. J. Ferrell, Greeleyville, S. C.); and Vermelle
Dubose (m. Samuel J. Hudson, Greeleyville, S. C.).

  b. Amos Dubose, Jr., b. ca. 1796, d. before 1850, In 1818/19 Martha Ann Parish
and had daughter Mary Eliz. Dubose, b. 1820, d. 1893 in Cheraw, S. C. She m. Dr.
Wm. Henry Holleyman in Manning, S. C. Issue: Beatrice; Vermeille; Wm. Henry, Jr.
(m. Lucy Gerganus); Mary Eliz.; Ada A.; George McCall; John I.; Mary B.; and
Eugene Dubose Holleyman, (m. Helen V. Foxworth and had son Wm. Henry Holeman who
m. Kate Springer Smith. E. D. Holleyman changed his name to Holeman in Orlando,
Fla.). For further information on this line see Mrs. Vermeille Holeman
Galbreath, 216 S. Orange St., New Smyrna Beach, Fla. 32069 for details and more

  c. Frances Dubose, m. 1st. Isaac Michau and had daughter Ann Michau. Frances
m. 2nd. Philip Bowen and had daughter Julia Bowen.

  d. Vincent Dubose, m. Winifred Days, had 3 children, Georgetown, S. C.

  e. Martha Dubose, m. 1832 Ralph Durr - 8 children. See "'Records of Georgetown
Methodist Church 1811-1897," S. C. Hist. & Genea. Mag. Jan. 1960, p. 46.

  f. Hampton Dubose, married and lived in Sumter, S. C., area.

  g. Mary Dubose, m. Rev. Philip Bowen after her sister Frances Bowen died. They
moved to Maringo Co., Ala., and later to Jackson Co., Miss. Their issue: Oscar
Dubose Bowen (m. Lillie Minor); Josephine Bowen (m. Roy Ketler); Virginia Bowen;
Willey Bowen; Ann Bowen; Evelina Bowen; and Philip Bowen.

  h. Elizabeth Dubose, m. John Blake Robinson - had 2 children.

  Amos Dubose, son of Peter and Sarah Dubose, died and his wife Elizabeth
Vaughan Dubose m. 2nd. 1820 Samuel Dwyer of Sumter, S. C. Sumter records show
issue of Eliz. and Amos Dubose receiving money from their mother's Estate
1827-9. Edgefield Co. deed book 31, p. 504-5, records a deed from Peter Dubose
to his grandson Henry Dubose; deed dated 9-27-1808. For records of this family
see Mrs. Vermeille Galbreath, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

4. Peter Dubose, Jr., (son of Peter Sr., Second, and wife Sarah Dubose), was b.
ca. 1755, d. 1800 in Richland Co., S. C. He m. ca. 1774/75 Mary (Polly). After
his death, Mary m. 2nd. William Leavins. Peter Dubose, Jr., died intestate.
Estate papers recorded in Columbia, S. C., refer to him as being from old
Orangeburg Dist., S. C. Administration papers were granted to Catherine Bowers
in 1810. Division in 1815 listed 5 children and the wife, Mary, who had m. 2nd.
a Leavins (or Levine). Expenses included a trip to Edgefield Court and a trip to
Lynches' Creek. Statement of Reuben and Peter Dubose in records allow their
sister to act for them in their father's estate as they live in Georgia.
Children of Peter Dubose Jr., and wife Mary Dubose were:

  a. Catherine (Betsy) Dubose, m. 1st. David Bowers and m. 2nd.  Morris O'Hearn.

  b. Amos Dubose, believed to have m. Mary Ann Spignor, widow of John Spignor,
ca. 1830 in Richland Co., S. C.

  c. Mary (Polly) Dubose, m. Bell, and d. in Sumter, S. C., 1819.

  d. Peter Perdept Dubose, b. 4-1-1795 in S. C., d. 6-26-1847 in Ga. He lived in
Washington Co., Ga., in 1817 and was listed as Executor of his Grandfather's
Will, in Will of Peter Dubose dated 1821 in Baldwin Co., Ga., and referred to as
grandson in the Will. Peter Perdept Dubose m. ca. 1817 Priscilla Davis (b.
1798/9 d. 1872) in S. C., and later mover to Ga. After be died, Priscilla Dubose
m. his brother, Reuben Dubose, and they moved to Texas. Children of Peter P.
Dubose and Priscilla Dubose were: 

  (1) Peter Perdept Dubose, Jr., b. 1-18-1840, d. 9-12-1862. Died in Holly
Springs, Newton Co., Texas. Served in the Civil War.

  (2) Joseph Dubose b. 1824 in Georgia moved to Texas ca. 1849, m. 1st. Nov. 12,
1844 Lucretia Henderson in Thomas Co., Georgia. Then 9-3-1860 Joseph Dubose m.
2nd. Minerva Chaddick, m. 3rd. Susan Kinsaw.

  (3) Amanda Dubose b. in Georgia, 1833, went to Texas ca. 1849 and m. Joe
Williams of Newton Co., Texas.

  (4) John Dubose b. in Georgia, 1829, went to Texas 1849, and then moved to
Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, and settled in area of Indian Bayou. He m. 1856
Jane Nichols. Served in Civil War.

  (5) Mary Ann Dubose b. in Georgia m. 10-10-1844 Leonard Singletary. He served
in the Civil War, came home and went back and was never beard of again. Wife and
children moved to Texas and lived with her brother in Newton County. She m. 2nd.
a Mr. Peacock. Records show her as "Aleny Dubose" and some as "Mary Ann Dubose".

  (6) Ellafair Dubose, b. in Georgia, 1838, moved to Texas ca. 1849 to Newton
Co., m. Robert Hext, lived near Survey Community.

  (7) Amos Dubose, b. 10-18-1825 in Georgia, d. 6-24-1901 in Texas, m.
12-20-1843 Tabitha Henderson (1824 d. 1910). He was a County judge, near Bon
Wier, Texas, where be died.

  (8) Priscilla Dubose b. 10-26-1835 in Georgia, near Thomasville; moved to
Melholm Creek, Jasper Co., Texas. She d. 4-25-1925 in Kirbyville, Texas. She m.
1851 David R. Gilchrist of Holly Springs Community, Newton County.

  e. Reuben Dubose, son of Peter Dubose Jr., and Mary Dubose, of Richland Co.,
S. C., b. 1796 and m. 1st. ca. 1820 in Washington Co., Ga., and had issue. After
his 1st. wife died he married the widow of his brother Peter Perdept Dubose who
was Priscilla Davis Dubose. He took his children by his 1st. wife and the
children of Priscilla by her 1st. husband, and Priscilla, and they moved to
Newton Co., Texas, in 1849. He also was listed as an Executor of his Grandfather
Peter Dubose's Will. For further information on these lines refer to Mrs. Peggy
Costen, of Bridge City, Texas, and also Mrs. Erla Mae Dubose Breaux of Beaumont,
Texas. Records show in Thomas Co., Ga., a Peter Dubose married 1-6-1836 Macon
Davis. It is not known which Peter Dubose this concerns.

5. John Dubose, son of Peter Dubose, Sr., Second, and wife Sarah Dubose, was b.
ca. 1751, d. 1810/11, m. ca. 1769/70 - wife unknown. The 1790 Census for Cheraw
Dist., S. C., lists John Dubose with 3 sons and 2 daughters at that time. After
Counties were established in 1785 this became Darlington Co., S. C. In Deed Bk.
A, p. 237, P. C. Darlington, S. C., there is a deed of Gift from John Dubose to
Milly Dubose, listed as bill of Sale. He deeded to his daughter Milley . . .
"for love and affection ... to my loving daughter . . . 'Milla' Dubose, except
should she die before she comes of age or marries, and if she dies before then,
the property to descend from her to my grand-son Asa Dubose, son of Jepthah
Dubose . . ." dated 3-26-1806. Due to fires, the Court House in Darlington was
destroyed in 1806 and 1866 and many records were lost. Many records did survive
but dates are not exact; and papers are recorded in later books from original
recording date on paper. A Professional Searcher, Miss Janie Revill, of Sumter,
S. C., showed me a list on a paper of "Heirs of Peter Dubose" in the Sumter, S.
C., Court House. This paper cannot now be located. Children of John and wife -

  a. Milley Dubose - minor in 1806.

  b. Jeptha Dubose, b. ca. 1770, married ca. 1790 Sarah. Jefferson Co., Ga.,
marriage Bk. "A", p. 2, gives a marriage of a Jeptha Dubose and Sarah Salter,
12-26-1805. Jeptha had land in Darlington Co., S. C., prior to 1796 as Plats in
Archives in Columbia, S. C., show him living next to Daniel Cole in Sumter Co.,
S. C. In 1810 Jeptha Dubose is on a list of jurors in Sumter County. In 1818
Jeptha Dubose with wife Sarah, sold land in Sumter County to Isaiah Johnson.
Jeptha Dubose appears on the 1820, 1830 census records of Sumter, but in 1840 he
is in Barbour Co., Alabama census as "J. Dubose" b. 1770/80. He moved to
Choctaw, Ala., and died there between 1850 and 1860. Children of Jeptha and
Sarah Dubose were:

  (1) Asa Dubose, b. 1790/1800 (Sumter Census of 1830) m. Mary.  They sold land
in Sumter Co. in 1826 that was not recorded  until 1837.

  (2) Jepthah Dubose, b. ca. 1796/7 m. Ann. Sumter County deeds show Jepthah
with wife Ann, selling land to Joel Dubose, and from Joel to him in 1838. This
family moved to Alabama ca. 1840 to a place near Blue Springs, Ala., or Eufala.
Their children were: Elizabeth; Sarah; Robert (who m. Alsa Thomas); James; and
Deshaba Dubose (who m. Sarah Shepherd or Milley Shepherd as the Marriage Vol. 1,
p. 67 of Barbour Co., Ala., shows, in 1843). Deshaba was called "Dish" and was
killed in the Civil War 1863.

  (3) Malikiah Dubose b. 3-15-1800 in S. C., d. 1-12-1847. He m. 3-1-1824 Sarah
S. Floyd (b. 1-12-1802 of Darlington Dist., S. C.). Their children were: Calvin;
Martha (who m. Dennis Nolan); Isiah b. 1830 d. 1864, m. 1848 Edna Bell of
Eufala, Ala.; Joel b. 1832; Mary A. M. b. 1837; Josephine, b. 1844. (Zack I.
Dubose, a great-grandson of the above Isiah Dubose and Edna Bell Dubose, has in
his possession an old Ledger with family history written in it in Silas, Ala.)

  (4) Joel P. Dubose, b. 1798/9 in S. C., died ca. 1855 in Choctaw Co., Ala., m.
1819/20 Annie Eloise Lee (b. 1802). She is on the 1880 census of Choctaw Co.,
Ala., living with her son Jeptha Dubose. Joel moved to Alabama ca. 1833/4 and
lived near Eufala. Their children were:

    (a) Hezekiah Dubose, b. 12-21-1821, d. 5-23-1902 in San Marcos, Texas,
buried in Marlin, Texas. He was born in Sumter Co., S. C., moved to Eufala,
Ala., was a Methodist Minister and his son Horace Mellard Dubose was a Bishop of
the Methodist Church. Hezekiah m. 1st. Mary Hill Hawkins. Their children were:
William Joel Dubose; James Dubose (who m. Nannie Shaw). Mary Hill Hawkins Dubose
died, and Hezekiah m. 2nd. her sister, Amanda Evalina Hawkins. Children of 2nd.
wife were: Mary Eliz. Dubose (m. Alfred James Davis); Thomas W. Dubose (m.
Carrie Gordon); Epsie Annie Dubose (m. Wm. Garrett Gray); Alabama Dubose (m.
Will Holland); Horace Mellard Dubose, Bishop (m. 1st. Rosa Chaney, and m. 2nd.
Gertrude Vaughn Amis); Melissa Dubose (m. Clinch M. Gray); Alice Dubose;
Missouri Dubose (m. John H. Terrell); Oliver Dubose (m. Mary Combs); William
Dubose (m. Willie Killebrew); Edgar Dubose (m. Mary Richey); Ardella Dubose; and
Amanda Dubose.

    (b) Middleton Dubose b. 1825 in S. C., d. 1899 in Choctaw Co., Ala., m. 1st.
2-16-1845 Susan Barefield, and m. 2nd. Sarah Jordan.

    (c) Ellison Dubose b. 1824 in S. C., died in Texas, m. 4-29-1844 Lucinda
Bassett in Eufala, Ala.

    (d) William James Dubose, b. 11-11-1827 in S. C., died 8-15-1907 in
Ellisville, Miss. He m. 1848 Lucinda Ann Bell in Barbour Co., Ala. Their
children were: Louisiana Dubose (1850-1893), m. Henry Fuller Taylor and their
children were: Julius; Henry Alba; James Sanford; Benj. Fuller; Verdon Odelle;
Early Ernest; Claudia Zenobia; Valverdia Blanche; Lottie Pearl; Louisiana
Annita; Ada Mina; and Ann Caldonia Taylor, b. 1869, d. 1944 who m. 1889 Rev.
Charles Wesley Gavin. The children of Ann Caldonia and Rev. Charles W. Gavin
were: Eula May (who m. 1st. James Kent, m. 2nd. Ellis Benton, m. 3rd. Wm. J.
Purse); Effie Louisiana; Shellie Amanda (m. Charles J. Ward); Fannie I. (m.
twice); Charles Lamar (m. Blanche Fletcher); Ouida (m. Rupert Hamilton); Mabel
Clair (m. 1st. Giles Snyder, and they had daughter Ouida Melverda, called
"Peggy" who m. Robert E. Costen. Mabel Clair m. 2nd. Aaron Turner and had son
Gerald Kenneth Turner. For information on these lines see Mrs. Peggy Costen,
Bridge City, Texas, and Mrs. Louise K. Stewart, Orlando, Fla.

Other children of Wm. J. and Lucinda Bell Dubose were:

Theodore Dubose.

Delaware Dubose, (1857-1908) Fort Worth, Texas.

Beauregard Dubose m. 1884 Cecelia Carter.

Magnolia Dubose (1862 d. 1883) m. and died on her honeymoon.

Effie Dubose b. 1870 d. 1940 in Florida.

Ada Dubose (1866-1944) buried in Ellisville, Miss., married 1st. Oliver Bradley;
and m. 2nd. John Quitman Gray (Parents of Irma Gray).

    (e) Elizabeth Dubose b. 1829 in S. C., m. Nathaniel Barber.

    (f) Nancy Dubose b. 1834 m. B. K. Smith. She is buried  Mt. Zion Cemetery,
Choctaw Co., Ala.

    (g) Jeptha Dubose (1838) m. 1858 1st. Mary A. E. Taylor, and m. 2nd. Lizzie

    (h) Susan H. Dubose b. 1839.

    (i) Timothy Dubose b. 1841 and d. in S. C.

    (j) Louise (or Louella) Dubose b. 1844 m. Simpson W. Holston.

    (k) Saphronia Dubose - died young.

    (l) Calvin Dubose.

(5) Jessie Dubose born ca. 1802 m. ca. 1825 Leah. See Sumter Co., S. C., deeds
for Jessie and Leah Dubose. They had 5 children, one of which was Dr. James
Gabriel Dubose, b. 1833 who m. Mary Caroline Chandler.

See "History of Alabama" by Thomas M. Owens for biography of Bishop Horace M.
Dubose and also his letter of 1933 to a kinsman. See Barbour Co. deeds in
Clayton, Ala., for Joel P. Dubose. Refer to Miss Irma Gray, 813 N. 5th Ave.,
Laurel, Miss.; Mrs. Robert E. Costen, 427 Crescent Dr., Bridge City, Texas
77611; and Mrs. Louise Stewart, Orlando, Fla., for data on these lines.

[to be continued...]

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