Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 80-84 - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 80-84
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: November 27, 1998

Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, No. 78, 1973.
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, SC

The Isaac DuBose Family of South Carolina
Part II, pages 80-84
By Leola Wilson Konopa 
[Mrs. Benedict Walter Konopa, Columbia, South Carolina.]

[... continued from part I]

  When Prince Frederick parish was created in 1734/5 it began at the
southernmost part of the plantation of John Dubose on Santee River. This was the
plantation he sold in 1744 when he moved up into Darlington District on Lynches'
Creek. He and his family owned land on both sides of the creek. Later Lynches'
River became the boundary lines between Darlington and Sumter Counties, and in
1902 Lee County was formed. This accounts for records of the family being in all
of these counties as well as in Charleston. Elias Dubose, son of John and Mary
Whilden Dubose, was a very prominent man in Darlington District, and played an
important part in its history. In the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical
Magazine, Vol. 3, p. 133, there is a list of the men who served in Elias
Dubose's Company in the American Revolution. This includes Capt. Elias Dubose;
Daniel Dubose, 1st. Lt.; Isaac Dubose, 2nd. Lt.; and the following Sergeants and
Privates - Elias, Isaac, Daniel, Andrew, Joseph, Isaac, Elisha, and John Dubose,
Senior. Note three Isaacs listed in this group. These were separate individuals,
and not one and the same man. Many records have been confused of all of these
listed above.

  Elias Dubose was elected a Representative in the South Carolina Legislature in
1784 with Col. Lemuel Benton, and others, for St David's Parish. In 1785 when
the County Court Act was passed, Darlington County was formed, and Justices were
appointed, including Elias Dubose. When a site for the Court House was to be
chosen, Elias Dubose and Col. Benton, another justice, could not agree. As a
compromise, a site nearly midway between the homes of these two men was chosen.
Both Elias Dubose and Col. Lemuel Benton were prominent and influential men and
though they often disagreed, they became close friends. Isaiah Dubose, a son of
Elias Dubose, married Gilly Benton, daughter of Col. Lemuel Benton. Their
children were:

1. Kimbrough Cassels Dubose, married Elizabeth Boykin Witherspoon. They moved to
Birmingham, Alabama. Their children were: John W. Dubose; James H. Dubose;
Nicholas William Dubose; F. Marion Dubose; L. Benton Dubose; Louisa Dubose; Rosa
Dubose; Augusta Dubose (m. Miles Selden Miller); Edwin Dargan Dubose; Eugene
Dubose; and Dell Dubose (m. Henry Page Burrows).

2. James Henry Dubose, who m. Hariet E. Pegues. They lived in Springville, in
Darlington County, and later moved to Gallion, Hale County, Alabama, in 1833.
Their children were: Christopher P.; Walter (m. Matilda Johnson); Isaiah (m.
Adele Louise McRae); Eliza.; Caroline (m. John Turner); Sarah Evelyn (m. 1st.
Lt. Col. James W. Bondurant, and m. 2nd. John G. Harvey); Kimbrough Dubose (m.
Pauline B. McRae); Eugenia (m. A. A. Ravazeirs); Thomas; Alice (m. Thomas
Walthall); Wm. T. (m. Myrtice Dubose); Henrietta; and Flora Dubose.

3. Sarah Thomas Dubose, b. 4-9-1821, d. 11-2-1871, married 1838, Dr. William
Edwin Dargan. Their children were: George W. (m. Ida Hunter); W. Edwin (m. Mary
B. Hart); John J.; Addie; and Dubose Dargan.

4. Henrietta Dubose, m. Jan. 1842 James W. Blakney, General, of Cheraw District,
South Carolina. No Issue. She died and he married her sister Virginia Dubose.

5. Virginia Dubose, m. Gen. James W. Blakney, after her sister died. Their
children were: Henrietta Blakney (m. Henry Dubose, son of Samuel W. Dubose);
Mary; Louisa; and James Blakney.

6. Elizabeth Dubose, m. Robert E. Wilson of Lee County, South Carolina, in 1836.
Their children were: Alice; Jesse; and others not known.

7. Hamilton Dubose.

8. Martha Dubose, died as an infant.

9. Louisa Margaret Dubose, b. 6-20-1814, d. 1-5-1884, married 10-31-1833 Hopkins
Gardner Charles, b. 8-23-1809, d. 11-22-1884. They lived in Darlington County.
Their children were:

(a) William Edwin Charles, b. 12-14-1866, d. 12-23-1888, married Caroline Dubose
Zimmerman of Bishopville. Their children: J. Zimmerman Charles; Andrew Julian
Charles; Del Kemper Charles; and Lucia Estell Charles.

(b) Julia Toombs Charles, b. 1838, d. 1846.

(c) John B. Charles.

(d) Robert Kelse Charles, not married.

(e) Eva Cassel Charles, died not married.

(f) Carrie Dubose Charles, b. 1-5-1857, d. 1955 - not married. 

(g) Kimbrough Dubose Charles, b. 9-29-1843, d. 4-7-1936, m.  4-18-1870 Elizabeth
L. Keith, daughter of Jesse Keith.  Kimbrough Charles was an Attorney of
Timmonsville. Their children were: R. Keith Charles (m. Constance Ryan); Herbert
Cassels Charles - (not married); Fred Benton Charles (died as an infant); Irene
Charles (m. George W. Gosney); Sarah Louise Charles (died not married);
Elizabeth Keith Charles (m. Edwin Blair Turner); Edgar Wells Charles (died as an
infant); Harry Gardner Charles (m. Lillian M. Rogers); Fanny Byrd Charles (m. W.
L. Meadors); William Kimbrough Charles (m. Carrie Lou Able); and J. Kenneth
Charles (m. 1st. Flora Key, and m. 2nd. Edna Williamson).

(h) Sallie Louisa Charles, married 4-2-1874 Thomas Flinn Hart. Their children
were: Louisa Dubose Hart, b. 1-29-1875; Edgar W. Charles Hart, b. 1-1-1877;
Robert Lide Hart, b. 4-1879; Amami Dubose Hart, b. 4-1-1884; Robert Flinn Hart,
b. 8-28-1880; and Eva Caroline Hart, b. 11-6-1887. Possibly others.

10. Eugeneia Carolina Dubose, b. 2-6-1826, d. 8-6-1840.

  Joseph Dubose, (brother of Elias Dubose), married 1st. a Miss Simons, and
married 2nd. Margaret Green by whom he had these children: Magdalen (who m.
Isaac Whitworth and had a son Isaac Dubose Whitworth who married Sarah Elvira
Shaw); Nancy Esther; Elias John (called John); Mary Green; and William Green
Dubose. Some of these also settled in Sumter District. Isaac and Sarah Elvira
Whitworth had the following issue: Sara Eliz. C. B. Whitworth (who m. Martin
Luther Rhodes as his 2nd. wife); John Shaw Whitworth; Mary A. D. Whitworth;
Lillis Hester Jane Whitworth; and Elvira G. B. Whitworth.

  Another Dubose in this same section of Darlington County also, along Lynches'
Creek, was Elizabeth Dubose who married Zachariah Norwood. She is believed to
have been the daughter of Old Andrew Dubose, who was son of the emigrant Isaac
Dubose. Elizabeth Dubose, b. ca. 1768, d. 1833, married 1786 Zachariah Norwood,
b. 1766, died 1817. Both lived and died in Darlington County. Zachariah Norwood
was the son of Theophilus Norwood, 1725-1785. See Court records Darlington.
Children of Elizabeth and Zachariah Norwood were:

1. Zachariah Norwood, married and had children: Catherine; Elizabeth; Mary;
Thomas; and Theophilus Norwood. His Will is recorded in Berkeley County, South

2. Manassah Norwood, b. 1794 in South Carolina, married ca. 1819/20 1st. Annie
Louise Cook. They moved to Houston County, Georgia. Their children were: William
Shackelford; Elizabeth A. (b. 1822 in S. C.); Evelina (b. 1834 in Ga.); Louisa
(b. 1839, Ga.); and Henry G. Norwood (b. 1844, Ga.). Manassah Norwood married
2nd. Mrs. Rains.

3. Theodore Gourdin Norwood, b. 1804 Darlington, d. 1886 in Milltown, Georgia,
(now Lakeland). He married 1st. Hannah Hicks, b. 12-13-1802, lived in Houston
County, Georgia. She died 1862. Their children were: Margaret (1825-1829);
Salina (m. M. T. L. Jones); David Joseph (m. 1st. Sarah Munn; m. 2nd. Maggie
White); Joel A. (died young); Catherine (m. Andrew J. Jones in 1857); James
Evans (m. Lucinda Turner); Wm. Evander (never m.); Lorenzo A. (never m.); Ira E.
(d. young); and Dora Ann (m. George B. Crane in 1869).

Theodore Gourdin Norwood m. 2nd. Elizabeth Green Carter, widow of Isaac Carter
and daughter of Noah Green. Their children: William A. (1863-1883); Mattie (m.
John Ray); Joseph E.; Joel I. (m. Laura V. Shaw); Roberta (m. J. Marcus Shaw);
John W. (m. Nora. Scheffskey); Mollie H. (d. young); Theodore E.; and Hattie A.
(m. Edward G. May).

4. John Norwood, d. before 1840 - (shown in will of his brother Zachariah

5. Theophilus Norwood, m. Rebecca - had issue. Died before 1840.

6. James Norwood, m. Martha Butler and moved to Mississippi; living there in

7. Lorenzo Dow Norwood, b. 1807, d. 1888, m. 1829 Catherine McLaughlin, b. 1813,
d. 1895. They lived in Houston County, Georgia. Their children were: Eveline (b.
1834); William H. (b. 1841); Elizabeth (b. 1842); Archibald W. (b. 1845); Zemoby
(b. 1847); Samuel ("Lamb" b. 1850 m. Annie Houser, b. 1876); Cornelia (b. 1853);
Catherine (b. 1858).

8. Elizabeth Norwood, b. 1803 in South Carolina m. James Chandler (d. 1850 in

9. Jannet Norwood.

10. Hannah Norwood (b. ca. 1800 d. 1860) m. Robert Law (d. 1836/7) son of George
and Ann Law. This family lived and died in Houston County. Their children were:

A. Louisa T. Law, b. ca. 1820, m. John W. Jenkins - Houston County. Issue:
Robert, William, and James Law.

B. Sarah Law.

C. Amanda Law, b. ca. 1836, m. 1-15-1853 Cofield Knight, Houston County.

D. Zachariah Law, b. ca. 1830, m. 10-27-1855 Ann H. Landrum, Sumter County,

E. Rebecca Law, b. 1833 Houston County.

F. Mozele Law, b. 1822, d. 1899, m. William Powell Gammage (Sumter Co.). Issue:
Thomas Sheldon; William Jefferson; Robert; Louisa; Catherine; Mary; and Ann
Elizabeth Gammage.

G. Abigail Law, b. ca. 1826, m. Wilson Doster. Children: George, Susan, and
Parmelia. Then Abigail Law Doster m. 2nd. James A. Rowell, had son John Rowell,
and possibly others.

H. Malvina Law.

I. Lorenzo D. Law, m. 1st. Nancy Bryan in 1850, Houston County. Their issue:
Nottingham Law (m. Lula Holsenback); Florence Law (m. James L. Weaver); Lorenzo
Dow Law (m. Emma Eliz. Cottle); Mary Law (m. Steinburg). Then Lorenzo D. Law m.
2nd. Sophie Eliz. Ann Joiner and has issue: Sophie E.; Sally C.; and John T. Law
who m. Mary A. McMahen in 1885, had issue Courtney V. (m. Frank Bradley); Homer
B.; John Cyrus; Lewis B. (m. Bessie Fordham); Mary (m. 1st. Ray Gunn, m. 2nd.
Louis Hurst); Bessie Grace (m. George W. Duncan, Macon, Georgia).

[to be continued...]

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