Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 112-114 - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 112-114
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: December 07, 1998

Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, No. 78, 1973.
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, SC

The Isaac DuBose Family of South Carolina
Part II, pages 112-114
By Leola Wilson Konopa 
[Mrs. Benedict Walter Konopa, Columbia, South Carolina.]

[... continued]

Jacques  DuBosc

Another Dubose in the Province of South Carolina about the same time as Isaac
and Suzanne Dubose, was Jacques Dubose. The "List" prepared in 1695-1696 records
him, and his wife. It states Jacques DU BOSC was born at St. Ambroise in
Languedoc, son of André DuBOSC and Marie LeStoade, and Marie DuGué his wife, and
a daughter Marie DuBosc born in Carolina. In a Misc. & Wills Record Book,
1694-1704 at Archives, Columbia, S. C., page 57 records a Petition of Noah
Royer, Junr., Jonas Bonhost, Peter Poinsett, on behalf of themselves and the
rest who have here unto subscribed, to Honorable John Archdale, Esq, Governor
and Hon. Lords Proprietors, etc., stating they were alien born, and were
encouraged and invited to go to England, and later encouraged by the King of
England and the Lords Proprietors and promised lands forever if they would come
to this Province, which is what they did, and had been inhabitants thereof for
many years, and had borne arms, and had been obedient to all commands Military
and Civil and asked they be Naturalized English to protect their lands and
heirs, etc. The signers include James Dubose, Peter Colloanda (brother of
Susanne who was wife of Isaac Dubose), Peter Gaillard, Mathu Garin, Noah Saré,
and others. Recorded March 30, 1693, this indicates they were here several years
prior to 1693.

James Dubose, born in France, married Marie (Mary) Dugué, daughter of James
Dugué, Senr. In the Will of James Dugué, dated May 28, 1691, James and Mary
Dubose received from her father's Will two Town Lots, in Charles Town, No. 70
and No. 98, as shown in an Indenture in Misc. Book 1692-1693, Charleston
Records, p. 400.

Though nothing found shows James Dubose in the Isaac Dubose line, it is believed
they were related to each other.

James and Mary Dubose had the following children:

1. Marie (Mary), born in Carolina, and married Hon. Samuel Wragg. Their children

   A. William Wragg (m. 1st. Mary Wood; m. 2nd. Henrietta Wragg).
   B. Samuel Wragg.
   C. Judith Wragg.
   D. Mary Wragg.

2. Judith Dubose, m. 1717 Joseph Wragg. They lived in Charles Town, where he was
a merchant. Her Will is recorded in Will Bk. 1767-71, p. 388, Charleston, S. C.,
and mentions her children who were:

  A. John Wragg.
  B. Joseph Wragg.
  C. Samuel Wragg, married Judith Rothmahler.
  D. Judith Wragg, died 1783 unmarried.
  E. Ann Wragg, maried Hon. Christopher Gadsden.
  F. Mary Wragg, married Benjamin Smith.
  G. Charlotte Wragg, married John Poaug (Poague).
  H. Elizabeth Wragg, married Peter Manigault.
  I. Henrietta Wragg, married William Wragg who died 1780.

See Will of Joseph Wragg who died 1751 in Will Bk. 1747-52, p. 443 Charleston,
S. C. Note Will of Judith Wragg, daughter of Joseph and Judith Wragg, Bk.
1783-86, p. 79. In this will she mentions sisters and a brother and Wragg
nephews along with nephews John Poague, Gabrill Manigault, and Joseph Smith, and
also nieces Ann Ferguson, Judith Ladson, Mary Smith, Anne Manigault, Henrietta
Manigault, along with Wragg Nieces, and makes her brother John Wragg, nephews
Joseph Wragg and Gabrill Manigault and Major James Ladson as Executors of her

3. Ann Dubose, married Job Rothmahler, Esq. They lived in the Georgetown area.
Children were:

  A. Job Rothmahler, married Esther Billing.

  B. Erasmus Rothmahler.

  C. Mary Rothmahler, married John Andrews.

  D. Judith Rothmahler, married Samuel Wragg.

  E. Elizabeth Rothmahler, married John Waties.

  F. Ann Rothmahler, died in Georgetown 1770, not married.

  G. Charlotte Rothmahler, M. Joseph Allston of Waccamaw.

The Wraggs were prominent merchants and businessmen both in Charles Town and
London. Rothmahler also was prominent in the Georgetown area, and a large land

In the "Transactions" 57, publ. 1952, p. 37, Jacques Dubose is listed as
deceased in 1706 at age 30. Dr. John Thomas and Mary Dubose were appointed the
Administrators of his Will. Since these Duboses came to the Province about
1686-1688, it would appear Jacques was born about 1660-66 and was older than
stated. For additional data on this line, see records in Charleston, S. C.

Since James and Marie (Mary) Dubose had only daughters and no son to carry the
Dubose name down in history, none of the Dubose descendants of other Duboses,
could be from the line of Jacques. This family of Dubose has often been confused
with the line of Isaac and Suzanne Dubose. They were believed related.


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