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Subject: Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 108-112
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: December 07, 1998

Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, No. 78, 1973.
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, SC

The Isaac DuBose Family of South Carolina
Part II, pages 108-112
By Leola Wilson Konopa 
[Mrs. Benedict Walter Konopa, Columbia, South Carolina.]

[... continued]

D - Andrew Dubose (Capt.), called "Sr." in many of his records and signed his
name as a "Sr." though he had no son by the name of Andrew. He used the "Sr." to
denote age, as he was just 3 or 4 years older than a first cousin of the same
name. Both lived in Darlington County, S. C., and records of both have been
confused. Capt. Andrew Dubose, son of Peter Dubose, the First, and Magdalen, his
wife, was born ca. 1742/46 and married ca. 1769 Rebecca (Rebeckah) Dubose, his
cousin and daughter of John Dubose. Rebecca Dubose was born 11-8-1752 as
recorded in "Register Book of Prince Frederick Parish, Winyah," published by the
Colonial Dames of America, page 29. Andrew Dubose died 1803 in Darlington
County, S. C., where Administration papers are recorded "with Will Annexed," in
Will Bk. 2, p. 58, recorded 7-11-1803. The Will was dated 3-13-1803. Sale of the
Estate was 9-8-1803. Among the appraisers was his cousin, Andrew Dubose Junr.,
son of Andrew Dubose who was son of the emigrant Isaac Dubose. Capt. Andrew
Dubose, son of Peter and Magdalen Dubose, served in the American Revolution in
Col. Lemuel Benton's Regiment. See records in Archives, Columbia, S. C. After
Andrew died, Rebecca Dubose went to live with her son Herbert (Harbt) Dubose in
Georgetown. She did not remarry. Children of Capt. Andrew and Rebecca Dubose:

1. Benjamin Dubose, b. 1770 in Darlington Co., S. C., d. 1851 in Maringo Co.,
Ala. He m. 1799 Susannah Campbell (b. 1778, d. 1818). He was a planter. Susannah
was daughter of a Scotch Baptist Minister. Their children were:

  a. Joel Campbell Dubose, b. 1804 in Darlington Co., S. C., d. 1856 Maringo,
Co., Alabama. He m. 1837 Esther Guerin Cleland (b. ca. 1812, d. 1862). He was a
twin, and later in 1838 moved with his family to Alabama. Their children were: 

  Georgiana Dubose, b. 1839, d. 1902 (m. 1863 Dr. Mathias William Cook);
  Joseph Lake Dubose, b. 1841 in Ala., (an adopted son and a relative, was
killed in Mexican War or Civil War);
  Abner Gaines Dubose;
  Maybank D. Dubose;
  John Wesley Dubose, b. 10-31-1849, d. 11-1917 in Gadsden, Ala., (m. Eliz. Lake
Cobb b. 1-31-1859 in Ala., died in Gadsden 6-2-1895);
  Edith May Dubose, b. 1849 (m. 8-30-1874 Dr. Benjamin Joshua Dubose (1847-1929)
and they had a son Robert Edward Lee Dubose who m. Cecil Sanders). See census of
Maringo Co., Ala., 1850.

  b. Elizabeth Dubose, b. 1800, m. John Humphries, a Methodist Minister, in
1847. They lived in Dooly Co., Georgia.

  c. Samuel Loyd Dubose, [twin to Joel Dubose] b. 1804, m. 11-25-1829 Mary Ann
Nettles of Darlington County, S. C. Their children were: 

  A daughter who m. Newton Cannon in Miss.; and
  Mary S. Dubose (m. 1850 Col. Thomas E. Cannon, b. 4-24-1811, d. 1-1862 in
Columbus, Miss.).

  d. Benoi S. Dubose, b. 12-22-1816, m. 1st. Miss Edington; and m. 2nd.
Elizabeth Ann Piper Cook (b. 1837, d. 1904) lived in Arkansas. He died 2-1-1897.

  e. Benjamin Eusebius Dubose, b. 5-7-1809, d. 11-28-1872, m. 1833 first wife,
Mary Videau Barnett, dau. of Marion Barnett. Their children were:

  (1) Malvena C. Dubose, died as an infant.

  (2) Videau Barnett Dubose, m. Mellie (Milley) Carter. Videau was born 1836,
was a Pvt. in Brodnax's Company of Alabama Volunteers in Florida War. They had

  Maggie; and
  Mary Dubose who m. Wm. Sears of Houston, Texas.

  (3) Rebecca Ann Dubose, b. 1838, m. Wm. Gretton, had a son who died and
adopted a son William.

  (4) Mary Eliz. Dubose, b. 1841, m. 1871 Joseph Arrington. Children were:

  1 son who died; and
  daughter, Ethel, b. 1876.

  (5) Florence Malons Dubose, b. 1843, d. 1849.

  (6) Esther Martha Dubose, b. and d. 1846.

  (7) Beuna Vista Dubose, b. 1847, d. 1853.

Benjamin Euebius Dubose m. 2nd. 12-20-1854 Sarah Eliz. Horn. They lived in
Darlington Co., S. C., and moved to Alabama to Mt. Sterling, Choctaw Co., where
Benjamin E. Dubose taught school and was a planter. Children of 2nd wife:

  (8) Joel Campbell Dubose, b. 12-17-1855 at Gaston, Sumter Co., S. C., m.
8-8-1883 Alice Vivian Horn in Pushmatana, Alabama. She was daughter of Wm.
Thomas and Eliza Jane Horn. See "History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama
Biography," by Thomas M. Owens, p. 510-511. Their children were:

  Frederick Mellen Dubose;
  Joel Campbell Dubose;
  Benjamin William Dubose (who m. Mary Rowena Brust);
  Alice Vivian Dubose;
  Martha Mortimorer Dubose;
  Charles Betts Dubose; and
  Rosa Florence Dubose.

  (9) Sarah Alice Dubose, b. 1857, m. 1882 John Sherard. Children were:

  Sallie Mary;
  Alice Malvina; and
  John Sherard.

  (10) Benjamin Jacob Dubose, b. 1859, m. 1891 Eldrid St. John and they had one
son - Benjamin Eldrid St. John.

  (11) William Horn Dubose, b. 1862, d. 1885.

  (12) Samuel Robert Dubose, b. 1864, m. 1895 Floy May Devlin. Children were:
twins - one died and other was Samuel Robert Dubose, Jr.

  (13) Rosa Mae Dubose, b. 1867, m. 1889 James Swearenger. Their children were:

  Ida May; and
  Sallie Belle Swearenger.

  (14) Joshua Heard Dubose, b. 1871.

  (15) Joseph Dubose, b. 1855 (1860 census). As Joel C. Dubose was b. 1855 this
could have been the "Joe Dubose" of records, and was very likely Joel C. Dubose
and not another son "Joseph."

  f. Joshua Wilson Dubose (Capt.), b. 1-1-1814, d. 9-26-1897, m. 11-24-1837
Frances Mary Hughes, b. 11-30-1821, d. 5-22-1898, daughter of Alex and Mary
Saxon Hughes. Their children were:

  (1) Mary Susan Dubose, b. 1838 in S. C., m. Lt. James Asbury Edwards. Their
children were:

  Frances Margaret; and
  James Clark Edwards who was b. 1864 and m. 10-24-1888 Lettie Cook and they had

   Lysle Wyldemar;
   Aubrey St. Clair;
   Emory Howel;
   Banks Lake;
   Mary Eliza;
   Emory Parks;
   John Wilson;
   Jane Williams;
   Lucy Maud; and
   James A. Edwards.

  (2) Joel Herbert Dubose, b. 1860 in Ga., married Sallie Ruth Burford in 1893.

  Maggie May Bell Dubose;
  Sallie Sue Dubose; and
  Neva Morlena Dubose.

  (3) Rebecca Cordelia Dubose, b. 1843 in S. C., married 1860 Dr. James Eugene
Bell. Children:

  Beaubois Bernadotte Bell;
  Mary Sue Bell;
  Darlina Cordelia Bell;
  Lee Idonia Bell; and
  Olive Key Bell.

  (4) Sarah Elizabeth Dubose, b. 1845 in Ga., m. 1868 James Newell Olds.
Children were:

  George William;
  Ada May;
  Joshua Daniel; and
  James Newell Olds.

  (5) Benjamin Joshua Dubose (Dr.), b. 12-9-1847 in Ga., d. 10-23-1929, m.
9-30-1874 Edith May Dubose (b. 8-10-1849, dau. of Joel Campbell Dubose and wife
Esther Guerin Cleland Dubose). Children were:

  Esther Hughes;
  Benjamin; and
  Robert Edward Lee Dubose, b. 1884, d. 1951, who m. 1911 Cecil Sanders and had
son Robert Dubose, Lt. Col. U.S. Air Force.

  (6) Frances Eliza Dubose, b. 1850, died in childhood.

  (7) John Alexander Dubose, b. 1841, never married.

  (8) Victoria Letitia Dubose, b. 1855, m. Leonidas Gains Fambrough, lived in
Elbert Co., Ga. Children were:

  Mary Fambrough;
  Victoria Leonidas Fambrough;
  Herbert Allen Dubose Fambrough;
  Pearl Benore Fambrough;
  Ruby Claudine Fambrough;
  Eugene Grady Fambrough;
  Frances Lynn Fambrough;
  Karl Thomas Fambrough;
  Gladys Fambrough; and
  Mary Nancy Fambrough who m. Samuel Swilling and had one son Thomas E.

  (9) Eugenia Aurelia Dubose, b. 1857, m. Mr. DeWitt.

  (10) Jefferson Davis Dubose, b. 1863, m. Bessie Bell.

  (11) Julia Effie Dubose, b. 1867, m. 1st. Wm. Thomas Smith; m. 2nd. Mr.
Bearss. Children of 1st. husband were:

  Irma S.;
  Julius J.;
  Benjamin Thos.; and
  Wm. Thomas Smith.

  This family lived in Huguenot, Georgia, the original home of the Joshua Wilson
Dubose family.

  g. Rebecca Dubose, daughter of Benjamin and Susannah Campbell Dubose, was born
1803 and died in infancy.

  h. Israel C. Dubose, b. 1811, married and had issue: S. L. Dubose, and others
not known.

Benjamin Dubose, son of Capt. Andrew and Rebecca Dubose, married after the death
of his first wife Susannah Campbell, to Elizabeth Hodge in 1819 who died shortly
therafter. No issue by 2nd. wife. See Darlington Co., S. C., Equity records for
Elizabeth Hodge Dubose. 

Benjamin Dubose m. 3rd 11-15-1821 Ann Cleland, b. 1792 (Maringo Co., Ala.,
census of 1850). They married in Christ Church Parish in S. C. as shown on the
Parish records. In the 1860 census of Maringo Co., Ala., Ann Cleland Dubose was
living with the family of W. B. Cleland and her age was 68. Children of Benjamin
Dubose and Ann Cleland Dubose were:

 Susannah Dubose, b. 1825, who m. 1st. Breckenridge and m. 2nd. Mr. Wolf.; and
 Hugh Adolphus Dubose who died in infancy.

Benjamin Dubose received several land grants in the county of Darlington, S. C.,
and was a Sheriff there.

2. Samuel J. Dubose, son of Capt. Andrew and Rebecca Dubose, was born 1772, d.
1812, m. a Mell (sister of Joel's wife). Children:

  Clement C. B. Dubose, m. Hester Barnett, and had one child
  Barnet Dubose (who m. Milley, last name unknown). See "Alabama Records," by
Jones and Gandrud, Vol. 121, p. 66. Milley Dubose, widow of Barnet Dubose,
received land Grant No. 42091 of 40 acres July 9, 1853. Barnet Dubose was a
Volunteer in the Florida War.

Samuel J. Dubose, Senr, died 1812 in Darlington Co., S. C. Administrators of his
estate were Benjamin Dubose and his sister Margaret Dubose. Equity records in
Darlington show that Benjamin Dubose was made guardian of Clement C. Dubose in

3. Herbert Dubose, son of Capt. Andrew and Rebecca Dubose, married Charlotte. No

4. Joshua Dubose, son of Capt. Andrew and Rebecca Dubose, married Elizabeth
McDowell. Children: William Perry Dubose. No further information on others.

5. Elizabeth Dubose, Dau. of Capt. Andrew and Rebecca Dubose, married Thomas
Brown and moved west.

6. Hugh Dubose, son of Capt. Andrew and Rebecca Dubose, married Maria Ingraham.
He died in Darlington, S. C.

7. Margaret Dubose, dau. of Capt. Andrew and Rebecca Dubose.

8. Joel Dubose, b. ca. 1780/82, son of Capt. Andrew and Rebecca Dubose, married
ca. 1805 Mary Ann Mell d. 1833. See Deed Bk. 1808-1811, p. 32, for deed of this
couple dated 1805, Darlington, S. C. Children:

  John Dubose, b. ca. 1810;
  Wm. P. B. Dubose (from conveyance 1-3-1811 of Mary Ann Dubose, mother of "Wm.
P. B. Dubose, who deeded her son land).
  Others not known.

See a State census of Pike County, Ala., 1866, containing "Contracts" in which
one shows reference to Andrew Dubose and wife Rebecca Dubose as having married
in 1769. From data of Mrs. C. R. Barnes, Route No. 2, Fayette, Ala.

[to be continued...]

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