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Subject: Isaac DuBose of SC, pp 104-108
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: December 05, 1998

Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, No. 78, 1973.
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, SC

The Isaac DuBose Family of South Carolina
Part II, pages 104-108
By Leola Wilson Konopa 
[Mrs. Benedict Walter Konopa, Columbia, South Carolina.]

[... continued]

C - Sarah Dubose, b. 1746/7, d. 10-7-1828, daughter of Peter Dubose (First) and
his wife Magdalen Dubose, m. ca. 1762/65 Isaac Dubose (her cousin), who was born
11-5-1742 in S. C. and died 1816 in Columbia Co., Ga. His Will dated 4-18-1816
was probated 1828, after his wife Sarah Dubose died as she was left property her
lifetime. See file "D", 11-11-1828, and his Will in Bk. H, p. 380-81, at
Appling, Ga., recorded 12-20-1816. Isaac Dubose, was the son of John Dubose of
Darlington County, S. C. Sarah died in Richmond Co., Ga. Isaac and Sarah Dubose
sold land to Benjamin Skinner 2-1-1786 in St. Davids Parish, Cheraw Dist.,
recorded in Darlington, S. C., and moved to Columbia County, Ga., in 1786, where
he applied for bounty lands. Later after they were settled in Georgia they sold
more land in Darlington County in 1806.

  See "Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution, Buried in
Georgia," by Mrs. McCall, p. 198, which states that Isaac Dubose was born in S.
C., and died in Ga. 6-16-1816. Records in Archives, Columbia, S. C., show Isaac
Dubose had a claim for duty in the war in 1782 and was Pvt. Isaac Dubose in
Mahan's Cavalry Regmt., from "History of the Old Cheraws" by Alexander Gregg.
Darlington deeds list him as being from Columbia Co., Ga., in 1786. There were
Pvt. Isaac Dubose; Lt. Isaac Dubose; and two Capts. Isaac Dubose in the American
Revolution. Four different men, and their records often have been confused.
Children of Isaac and Sarah Dubose of Columbia County, Ga., were:

1. Clements Dubose, b. ca. 1768, m. ca. 1795 Sarah Speer. He died in Savannah,
Georgia. Their children were:

  a. Isaac C. Dubose, b. ca. 1800, d. 1-17-1888, m. 7-10-1824 Emily Power (d.
1848). They moved to Mobile, Alabama, and their children were: 

  (1) Manfred Willis Dubose (m. 1865 Annie E. Fitten); 

  (2) Charles Clement Dubose, d. 4-14-1889 (m. 1st. Ella Sage; m. 2nd. Kate

  (3) Sarah Dubose; 

  (4) James Allen Dubose, b. 5-2-1828, d. 2-1897, m. 1st. Catherine Rodgers
(1833-1861) and their children were: 

    John B. Dubose (1859-1866); 
    Wm. Jefferson; 
    Tudeyd Eliz.; 
    Andrew Thompson Dubose (m. Mary LaVesta Johnson - moved to S. C. and lived
in Batesburg and Saluda, S. C. area); 
    Isaac Monroe Dubose. 

  Then James Allen Dubose m. 2nd. Angeline Johnson (sister of his first wife).
They lived at Trout Creek, St. Clair Co., Ala., in 1886, and their children

    Thomas L. Dubose, m. Eliz. Jordan; 
    Zachariah Dubose, m. Laura Long; 
    Ele U. Dubose m. Goldia Henry; 
    William Dubose; 
    Benjamin Dubose; 
    Frank Dubose (m. Bertha Tillry); 
    Sarah Sousanna (Susie) Dubose (m. W. R. Ford); 
    Mary Dubose; 
    Sophia Dubose; 
    James McDonnial Dubose; 
    and Walter Langston Dubose; 

  (5) Emily Dubose, m. A. C. Daumer of Mobile, Ala.

2. Hannah Dubose, m. Jean Louis Charles Baptiste D'Antignac (Major). They lived
at "Oak Grove" near Augusta, Georgia. Hannah was born 1771 and died 1843. Jean
Louis Charles Baptiste D'Antignac was an officer in the French Army and settled
in America after the Revolution, and was a Chevalier and a younger son of a
Noble French family. They were prominent in Augusta, Ceorgia. He went to
Martinique ca. 1770 and to America about the beginning of the American
Revolution. He outfitted his own command and was given the rank of Major. He
died April 11, 1827. Their children were:

  a. Mary Ann D'Antignac, b. 9-17-1794, d. 2-28-1880, m. Dr. W. H. Turpin of
Augusta, Ga. Children: 

  John B. Turpin (m. Miss Ross of Daniel, Va.); 
  William H. Turpin (m. Emily Hamilton of Columbia Co., Ga.); 
  Mary Ann Turpin (m. Dr. W. T. Brantly, Baptist Minister); 
  Emily Turpin (died in childhood); 
  Julia E. Turpin (m. Dr. James H. Aethberta, Baptist Minister); 
  and Jesse Turpin (m. Louisa Cook of Augusta, Ga.).

  b. Sophie D'Antignac, b. 11-12-1799, d. 12-1871, m. 1st. Mr. Rogers; m. 2nd. A
Graham; M. 3rd. Rev. Keer; and m. 4th Governor Wm. Schley of Georgia. No issue
From any marriage.

  c. William M. D'Antignac, m. Mary Ann Harris of Columbia Co., Ga., b.
4-18-1806, and d. 9-18-1861. Their children were:

  (1) Mary Ann DAntignac, m. John W. Walker of Augusta, Ga. Children: 

    Mary Lou Walker (m. Isaac Beeson of Pa. and had son Walker Beeson); 
    James R. Walker (m. Kitty Walton of Madison, Ga. and had dau. Mary); 
    William Walker; 
    Bennie Walker (died in infancy); 
    Lucie Walker (died in infancy); 
    John Walker (died in infancy); 
    Clara Lou Walker, d. 1891, (m. Edward Barrett of Augusta, Ga., and had a
daughter that died age 2); 
    and Sophie (died in childhood).

  (2) Harris D'Antignac, m. Martha Sibley, and their children were: 

    Carrie B. (m. Wilbur H. Rogers, and had son D'Antignac Rogers); 
    William D'Antignac; 
    Amory D'Antignac; 
    and Mary D'Antignac who died in childhood; 
    Jennie D'Antignac (m. John Dessanmure); 
    Harris D'Antignac; 
    and Mattie D'Antignac.

  (3) Virginia D'Antignac, m. George Allen of Kentucky. Their child was Marie
D'Antignac Allen.

  (4) William M. D'Antignac, m. Louisa Walker. He was b. 11-24-1839, d.
8-27-1888. Children: 

    Derrie Lamar D'Antignac,
    and William M. D'Antignac.

  (5) Anvergne D'Antignac, b. 12-23-1841, d. 2-12-1879, M. Mary Ferrell of
Savannah. Children: 

    Maude F.;
    and Mary Harris D'Antignac who married Dr. Lillienthan of New York City.

  (6) Clara Lou D'Antignac, m. Mayor Albert Witbers of Covington, Ky. Had one
son Marion who died young.

  (7) Francis D'Antignac, died unmarried 1873.

  (8) Sophie B. D'Antignac, b. 4-12-1850, d. 9-12-1887, m. Z. W. Carvile of S.

  d. Louis Charles D'Antignac, son of Hannah and Jean Louis Charles B.
D'Antignac, m. a Miss Walker - had one son.

  e. Louisa Hannah D'Antignac, m. Louis Cress. Louisa was b. 10-11-1811, d.
8-17-1842. In some records she is listed as Hannah Louisa. Their children were:

  John C. Cress (m. Miss Osborne);
  William D. Cress (died unmarried);
  and Louisa G. Cress (m. Mayor George C. Connor, and had daughter Mary).

3. Elizabeth Dubose, dau. of Isaac and Sarah Dubose, married 1st. a Mr. Saul,
and had one son. Then Elizabeth Dubose Saul m. 2nd. Itha Bullock and had one

4. Isaac Dubose (died in infancy).

5. Daniel Dubose (died in infancy).

6. Frances Dubose, m. McKeen Green in 1803. He died 1838. Their children were:

  Martha Green, b. 1814 (m. a Fair);
  Isaac McKeen James Russell Green (m. Mary Ann Fair and their children were:

    and Laura Green).
    Also Frances and McKeen Green had one other son, name unknown, but thought
to have been John Green.

7. David Dubose, m. a Moore. See "Annals of Georgia," p. 82, in which in 1799
Isaac Dubose had a complaint against John Keowin for ill treatment of his son,
David Dubose, who was apprenticed to John Keowin to learn the hatters trade.
David had no issue. They moved to Alabama.

8. Annie Dubose, b. 1790, d. 1866, was born in Christ Church Parish, S. C. Her
father Isaac Dubose moved to Liberty Co., Ga., first and then they moved to
Columbia Co., Ga. After her first husband, Mr. Speer, died Annie married 2nd.
Mr. Savage in Columbia Co., Ga., and had dau. Maria Savage. Then when Mr. Savage
died, Annie Dubose Speer Savage, m. 3rd. Alexander Martin of Augusta, Ga.
Children of her 3rd. marriage were: 

  Sarah Martin and John Martin who died in infancy;
  Caroline Martin (m. Dr. Smith of Columbia Co., Ga.);
  Angus Martin (m. Fannie Thomas of Augusta); and
  Annie Sophia Martin, b. 1-1-1823, m. 12-19-1843 John Holmes Fitten and their
children were:

    Annie E. Fitten, who m. Dr. M. W. Dubose;
    John A. Fitten who m. Marianna Turner;
    Emily C. Fitten who m. W. A. McDougal;
    Franklin C. Fitten who m. Clement Dubose;
    Margaret M. Fitten m. John Hawkins;
    Donald M. Fitten;
    William Marion Fitten;
    Louisa Fitten;
    and Flora McDonald Fitten who m. Richard Henry Benvick.

9. Martha (Patsy) Dubose, m. 3-13-1817 Mark E. Moore, Hancock Co., Ga. Martha
was willed her Father's Library in 1816. Child: William Moore, living in Texas.

[to be continued...]

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